Residential Projects in Bangalore

Architecture & Engineering of House of Hiranandani Projects

Living an urban lifestyle in a house that is designed to perfection at the same time addresses modern day conveniences is truly how one would define a House of Hiranandani home. The residential projects in Bangalore and new apartments in OMR Chennai are only examples of the enviable location choices to select from. The breathtaking views and world-class amenities are few of the many reasons why one chooses to build their dream home in a House of Hiranandani property.

House of Hiranandani single handedly offers the best residential properties in South India with a priceless quality of life. Here’s what really makes their homes special and one-of-a-kind –


The foundation of a structure plays a vital role in increasing its longevity, which is why each House of Hiranandani property conducts a detailed soil investigation before deciding the foundation. Once that is in place, a box type and step type foundation is opted for. This ensures the compaction of concrete, thus making the foundation stronger and more durable.


The high-rise House of Hiranandani residential structures come with flat slab designs, as it avoids internal beams and improves the aesthetics of your home. Furthermore, the slab is made of a minimum thickness of 150mm and the thickness of the column width is kept to a minimum of 225mm, in order to make it durable and weather resistant.

Precision & Accuracy

The two pillars and USP of every House of Hiranandani construction – precision and accuracy ascertain the credibility of every property. Facilities such as in-house labs for testing materials and quality of work ensure precision at every stage of construction work.


Every House of Hiranandani structure is coated with synthetic textured coating, which has water-repelling properties in order to make the outer surface look new for years. This synthetic coating also prevents fungal growth and leakage, thus retaining a fresh appearance for years to come.


Apart from the strategic choice of location, each House of Hiranandani property assures excellent standard of living with lush greenery, landscaped gardens, spectacular views, lakeside serenity, quality roads and pavements and beautiful driveways and walkways.

A home is forever, and the outstanding architecture and engineering of House of Hiranandani properties is proof that no one understands that better than them. The multi-storey residential properties such as the Hebbal residential project, gated community in Bannerghatta, or the luxurious villas in Devanahalli are few examples that suggest their growing residential presence in the southern states of India. In a House of Hiranandani home, the exceptional architectural craft put together with luxurious lifestyle privileges pushes the envelope of fine living.

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