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Surendra Hiranandani
Mr. Surendra Hiranandani, the Founder and Managing Director of House of Hiranandani is the engineering genius behind the Hiranandani Group. His ability to transform barren land into some of India's leading property developments is unsurpassed. His outstanding reputation is supported by his commitment to quality, innovation and execution.

Mr. Surendra Hiranandani is the Founder and Managing Director of the House of Hiranandani and Hiranandani Group of Companies, a leader in quality constructions. He is also the founder of House of Hiranandani. engineering genius behind the Company's outstanding reputation for quality and innovation. His ability to transform barren land into some of India's leading property developments is unsurpassable. pioneered developments in India's housing industry that bring it at par with international standards. These revolutionary achievements range from the introduction of copper plumbing in India, to the use of Fly Ash in concrete. His achievements have benchmarked India's housing market with the best international codes, and have brought the level of housing and commercial industry in India up to an international paradigm not only at the building level, but also at the community and infrastructure level.

His global recognition has earned him invitations to be a guest speaker to various conferences and seminars internationally. He has been honoured by the American Concrete Institute for his excellence and contribution to the field, particularly for adapting the best in foreign technology to the skills of India's engineering and labour artistry.

In his effort to create better communities, Mr. S. Hiranandani has diversified into businesses including Entertainment, Retail, ITES, Healthcare, and Lifestyle stores. In his efforts to steer the Company in its endeavours in urban design and aesthetics, Mr Surendra Hiranandani has created a new model for Township Planning and Maintenance.

He has succeeded in providing world-class lifestyle shopping and has directed the conceptualisation of the Company's Retail Division. This includes Haiko Supermarket, which is the first of its kind in Western India.

Mr. Surendra Hiranandani is also involved in improving education. He is the Managing Trustee of House of Hiranandani Foundation which runs two of Mumbai's best schools at Powai and Thane. He is also the President of the Unaided Schools Forum. His keen interest in improving the quality of Healthcare is evidenced in that he is the Managing Trustee of Dr. L.H. Hiranandani Hospital, a multi-speciality hospital at Powai. His initiatives in conserving the environment has contributed to the afforestation of the Powai Hills and his conservation measures have consistently improved the quality of life in Powai and Thane. He is a pioneer in introducing indigenous species of trees and shrubs into the fabric of urban communities.

With a vision of transforming challenges into opportunities to other cities in India as well, Mr. Surendra Hiranandani has founded House of Hiranandani, a brand that is all set to revolutionize the housing scene across the country, with large scale projects, spread across cities like Chennai, Bangalore & Hyderabad.
Surendra Hiranandani
  • Indian Plumbing Association
    Fellowship in recognition of his contributions to the plumbing profession
  • India Chapter of American Concrete Institute
    In appreciation of his sustained contribution to the housing industry – in the year 2004
  • Liberty Smart Living Awards
    Indian house owner’s vertidct – hamara ghar – India’s most preferred builder – 2005-2006
  • Accommodation Times
    For establishing benchmark construction standards – year 2003 award
  • Fellow of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
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