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House of Hiranandani

House Of Hiranandani – Realtyism (Part-2)

Everyone knows that pictures can say it better than words. Similarly, videos can convey messages better than pictures. We, at the House of Hiranandani, believe in this concept. Our Realtyism Video Concept is proving to be an excellent way of explaining the intricate details of real estate to our customers. In this blog we highlight […]

Top reasons why Real Estate is the best investment option

Minimalism at Home: Living a clutter-free life

The last half decade has seen minimalism at home emerge as one of the biggest interior design trends. However, the concept is surrounded by a lot of misconceptions. Since many believe minimalism to be a restrictive lifestyle, minimalist homes conjure up images of empty walls and bare furniture. This fallacy has given minimalism quite a […]

A Comprehensive Home Buying Guide For Millenials

The Real Estate Investment Checklist

Future of Real Estate

Compared to other investments like bank deposits, gold, and so on, real estate offers greater growth. There is always a tremendous demand for real estate in India. This sector aims to reach a figure of $180 billion by the year 2020. The heartening aspect is that both residential and commercial real estate are gaining importance. […]

5 Reasons Why Bannerghatta is The Best Location to Buy A Home

Bengaluru is the technological capital of India. Every day, you see hordes of people converging on this city to earn a living by working in the many IT firms situated all over the city. Bannerghatta in Bengaluru is the hub of IT Companies and is the most viable solution if you are planning to buy […]

#EmbraceTheGoodLife at Bannerghatta, Bengaluru

What do you look for in a home? The atmosphere should be such that you forget all the worries of the day and go on to have a fantastic time with the people who really love and care for you. Yes, you get to experience such a feeling at the new residential complex constructed by […]

House Of Hiranandani – Realtyism (Part-1)

Buying a house requires you to do a lot of homework. Would you love someone to guide you through the process and explain the different aspects of investing in the right project? We, at the House of Hiranandani have introduced a new concept known as ‘Realtyism.’ It is a set of videos that guides you […]

#EmbraceTheGoodLife at our OMR community in Chennai

As the concrete jungle is slowly taking over the metropolitan life, innovative residential projects like House of Hiranandani are coming up that endeavor to provide a better and greener residential experience to its inhabitants. The project is completely self-sufficient and luxury apartments of varying sizes and price structures in Chennai, Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), conveniently […]

Buyer’s Checklist When Closing on a House Deal

For most of us, buying a new home is a huge step and it definitely involves some serious capital investment. While a property purchase involves multiple technicalities and checkpoints that ensure a smooth transfer of ownership, here are some essential points to dwell upon for a practical approach when closing on a house deal. Buyer’s […]

5 Diwali Décor Hacks For Your Home

India is a land of diverse culture where people welcome every festival and custom with open arms, be it cutting a fruitcake on Christmas Day or lighting diyas on Diwali. The colorful rangoli, the mellow lights of lit diyas and sweets instantly transports us back to a time of nostalgia that echoed of fun-filled laughter […]

#EmbraceTheGoodLife at Devanahalli, Bengaluru

House of Hiranandani’s project in Devanahalli is an exquisite masterpiece that provides residents with an eclectic blend of natural landscapes with fresh air and scenic greenery intermingled with modern amenities like hospitals, educational institutions, and shopping malls. An amicable society filled with warmth and kinship acts as an icing on the cake. Let us take a […]

My Villa My Space

The name Villa is associated with luxury. An elegant upper-class country home was referred to as a ‘Villa’ in Ancient Rome. In modern times, a Villa is a one or two storied individual house with its own garden, terrace, veranda, and parking space. It gives you and your loved ones, an ample amount of indoor […]

Six Reasons Why Hebbal is an Ideal Location to Buy a Home

Bengaluru, popularly known as the IT capital of India as it is the birthplace of many IT titans like Infosys and Wipro. Bengaluru is growing at a rapid rate attracting multinational tech companies like Apple, Google, and IBM and encouraging start-ups like Flipkart and Myntra. This fast-growing city is attracting talent from all over India […]

This Monsoon, Make Your Home Festive Ready in Five Easy Ways

Tip-tap the raindrops fall, cool breeze flows through the window, the sweet scent of wet soil fills your apartment. Monsoon is undoubtedly the most refreshing season where the trees and bushes look fresh and lush as if they have just stepped out of a shower. However, it brings with it dark cloudy skies, moist smell, […]

Why a brand name is important while investing in real estate

Buying a property is considered one of the biggest financial decisions in every household. A lot of factors influence this decision and one of the key aspects is the brand name. A good brand name is an important factor that you must pay special attention to as it’s not only a matter of dignity and […]

5 reasons to start investing in real estate at a young age

Investing, as most things in life, benefits from an early start. The earlier you begin, the higher your potential return on investment. Real estate is one such investment where the sooner you begin the better. With several tax benefits and types of properties to choose from, the opportunities and benefits of investing in real estate are manifold. If you […]

Taxes and duties: A Comprehensive Homebuyer’s Guide

Bengaluru: The Real Estate Investment Hub

Home Insurance 101: Everything you need to know

What Millennials Want – Homes Not Houses

‘Micro-blogging’, ‘photo-sharing’, ‘online shopping’, ‘sharing economy’, ‘digital-savviness’ are the various characteristics that define the lifestyle of millennials. ‘Millennials’ refers to the demographic group generally comprising those born in the years between early 1980s and early 2000s. They are also regarded as Gen Y, whose parents were part of Generation X or the Baby Boomers. India’s […]

Why One Should Invest in Devanahalli – Bangalore’s Emerging Industrial and IT Hub

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, is home to a large number of IT companies and startups, and is one of the leading employment hubs in the country. This aspect of the city draws professionals from all over the country and abroad. To accommodate this influx of people, the city’s borders are gradually but steadily […]

The changing landscape of Indian real estate in 2018

India is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the world, which is not only attracting domestic real estate developers, but also the foreign investors to invest in multi-dimensional projects including commercial as well as residential. A few factors which have contributed to the boom of this sector are rising purchasing power, growing […]

Plot Or Flat: Here’s How You Can Decide Which Is a Better Investment Option for You

Each of us is at a different stage of our investing journey. For some of us, this may be about moving into our very first home. For some others, it could mean earning a good livelihood from the investments we make. Investment decisions are confusing & a lot depends on your objective when it comes […]

Which works better in the present Indian realty market- A New Home or A Resale Home?

When the time comes to buy a home, you’ll be faced with a number of critical decisions. Chief among these is the choice between buying a new property and purchasing a resale property. On the face of it, it may seem like a simple decision. New homes are – well – new, and that delivers some definite […]

Why Investing in Devanahalli is a Wise Bet

Not long ago, being the birthplace of Tipu Sultan was Devanahalli’s only claim to fame. Today, this once-sleepy village in North Bangalore is a rapidly developing suburb that is home to India’s second-largest airport. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why you should invest in Devanahalli. Appealing Housing Options A 2 […]

Why Buying a 3 BHK or 4 BHK in Chennai Is a Smart Move?

The smart city of Chennai is slowly expanding outwards owing to its booming popularity. Its scenic 6-lane Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) has become a much sought-after realty destination which has in turn witnessed a steady growth in property value and appeal. So if you’re looking for a place, here’s why buying a 3 BHK or […]

Simple Feng Shui tips for your new home

Feng Shui is the art of living in harmony with the five basic elements of the world – Earth, Fire, Water, Wood and Metal. This traditional Chinese methodology has become a huge trend worldwide. Sprucing up your living space with the basic essentials of Feng Shui can enhance the energy flow in your house and […]

Rent or Buy – The Eternal Challenge

As we approach the end of yet another fiscal year, it is time we look back and analyse how much the realty sector has progressed over the past action-packed months. Apart from the implementation of the RERA bill, and the multitude of positive reforms it has introduced, the recent Union Budget announcement have further created a huge […]

A handy guide for all women home buyers in India

Real estate has always been perceived as a male dominated sector. But today’s women are moving at par with men and earning equally well, thus leading to a change in this traditional mindset. They are actively participating in home buying decisions. It has been estimated that 30% of the buyers are women in urban India. […]

Offers galore by House of Hiranandani!

With luxury housing projects all over the map, House of Hiranandani provides you with an unparalleled feeling of bliss. They’re a perfect example of embodying the spirit of a neighborhood into their architecture. Here’s a quick look at the current offers:- 1. Devanahalli Ever since Bengaluru got the new Kempegowda International Airport in 2008, Devanahalli has […]

Tax Benefits of Investing in a Residential Property

To help you understand the implications of recent reforms and more, we are back with our knowledge series ‘Realtyism’, which will empower you for your property investments. ‘Realtyism’ powered by House of Hiranandani is an initiative to educate people about the nuances of real estate. Here’s our fifth video in the series, which talks about […]

Why Shankarpally is the Best Investment Hotspot in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is among the most unique cities in the country; a city steeped in culture, tradition and architectural beauty. Along with its rich heritage, the city is also becoming one of the fastest growing technology hubs in India. Much of this progress is happening in North West Hyderabad, near one of its most burgeoning localities: […]

A Guide for NRIs Investing in Indian Real Estate

As NRI investment in India is reviving, now is a good time to invest in real estate and buy your dream home. However, there are a handful of things which the NRIs need to keep in mind before making a real estate investment in India. In order to help you understand those points, we are […]

Union Budget 2018 and Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most dynamic sectors. Being the second largest employer in India after agriculture, it is a major supporter of many ancillary industries in our country. Hence to increase the growth of real estate investment, 2017 witnessed the most significant changes in decades, especially on policies focused on tax benefits. On […]

Why Shankarpally is the best investment hotspot in Hyderabad

Future of Real Estate: The Millennials

Millennials today are emerging as the most important market for the real estate sector. By 2022, the average age of a potential home-buyer in India will be only 29, making it the youngest country in the world. This also comprises of 46 percent of the country’s workforce. Unlike the generations preceding them, millennials prefer to […]

Bangalore and Chennai – Smart Cities for Real Estate Investment

Are you wondering which cities make sense for real estate investment? Do you want to look at smart cities apart from Mumbai and Delhi? We’ve listed down the two realty favourites at the moment. Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, is among the ten smart cities selected by the Centre in the country. BBMP has plans to […]

Thaiyur: The Next Suburban Paradise

Post the implementation of RERA, the booming property sector of Chennai has led to many families flocking to the paradise destination to fulfill their real estate dreams. Apart from slashed prices, suburban neighborhoods also provide the benefit of pollution-free living, away from the hustling noises of the city.  However, choosing the right locality is one of […]

How Devanahalli is emerging as an investment destination

Investing in property involves a lot of research and planning. Nevertheless, buying a home tops every family’s wish list, especially since the implementation of transparent transactions through the much-anticipated RERA Act. A lot of potential home buyers, from first-time investors to seasoned NRIs, are looking for properties to enjoy the long-term benefits of this guaranteed form of investment. […]

RERA – How buyers have an advantage

The landscape of Real Estate is going through great change with implementation of reforms like Demonetization, Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA) and Goods and Services Tax (GST). In order to help you understand the implications of recent reforms and more, we are back with our knowledge series ‘Realtyism’, which will empower you for your property […]

OMR – The Ideal Residential Area

Old Mahabalipuram Road is fast-emerging as one of Chennai’s most highly developed areas. The locality is dotted with a plethora of residential projects and renowned commercial complexes, making it a hot spot for both property builders and potential home-buyers.   Post RERA, buyers have an advantage of transparent transactions. If you are looking for a residential […]

Home Décor Trends to Look Forward to in 2018

Homes are meant to be sanctuaries where we can be ourselves, relaxed and free from social norms. However, our homes do require proper maintenance and renovation. That’s where trendsetting home decor ideas come into picture. Here are few trends which will be trending in 2018 – which ones will you adopt? Velvet: The ‘IT’ Fabric […]

Ways To Infuse Natural Light Into Your Home

Your home is one of the most intimate spaces in your life. The ambiance created in this space plays an important role in your overall well-being. This makes it important to connect your home to its environment. The best way to create this connection is by infusing natural lighting. The presence of natural light warms […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Investing in the Real Estate Property

To invest in real estate is a big decision, even more so for a 1st time home buyer. While setting sights on the dream property, there are many apprehensions that buyers face. Here are a few tips to avoid errors in judgement while investing in real estate – 1. Going ahead and planning a strategy: Buying […]

Things To Keep In Mind Before Shifting

A new home is a new chapter in your life. It is a place to live in every day, a place that will make you feel safe and secure. It is not just a shelter but also a spot to build and nurture memories with your friends and family. It is important to choose this […]

Four Ideas to Revamp Your Home This Diwali

One of the most traditional festivals is right around the corner and the occasion calls for a festive touch to your modern homes. But how can you change the ambience of your plush, modern home to inculcate a festive look without losing out on your preexisting contemporary interiors? Here are some suggestions to add a […]

Reasons for Investing in a Second Home

Ever wondered of investing in a second home? Yes, they are indeed a big goal to accomplish. We all do investments for the sake of returns or personal security, have you ever thought of an investment that gives you more than just the returns? One such investment type that sets the benchmark is a second […]

5 Things You Can Do To Add Positivity to Your Home

Given the stress and pressures of modern city life, we could use all the positivity we can get from the sources around us. After hours of dealing with work deadlines, daily commutes and urban pollution, our mental faculties are just as tired as our bodies. Coming home then, to a house that doesn’t alleviate the […]

Understanding Space and It’s Illusion

To every individual, space has a different meaning. There are various ways of defining space, it could be comfort, a room for thought, a breathing space and more. A spacious room is known to give rise to an open mind. However, the challenge is to get the most out of fixed (and often very limited) […]

Top 5 Luxury Home Design Trends

If you look back over the last year, you’ll realize the rate at which home decor trends have kept changing. The beginning of 2017 was all about metallic designs, the mismatching trend, geometric designs, sustainable furniture and more. We’re now halfway through 2017 and new trends have already started to emerge. Many of these trends […]

Real Estate Marketing in The Digital Era

When planning an investment as big as real estate, it’s absolutely crucial to have knowledge of all properties that fit your budgets and requirements, as well as the multiple options when it comes to financing them. In the pre-digital era, developers would inform customers about new properties by traditional methods such as print ads, direct […]

5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Monsoon

Without a doubt, the monsoon is the season that all of India awaits with the most anticipation. After the long, scorching summer, the rainy season comes as a relief and a refreshing surge of optimism for the country. During the rains, the cities and countryside alike are transformed into lush green paradises. Temperatures drop and […]

Simplifying the Home-Buying Process for Newly-Weds

With the passage of the wedding season, real estate investment is one of the biggest decisions that a married couple will face. There could be hesitation and confusion with respect to where and how to invest. Not to worry, every couple goes through this. In recent years, both partners have begun to play an equal […]

Tips to Turn Your Home into a Peaceful Abode

Our homes are our sanctums, our places of refuge from the pressures of the outside world. They tend to be the one place that we can be truly comfortable and stress-free. Certainly everyone feels that way about their house, however some houses are calmer and more serene than others. Understanding the finer details of home […]

Understanding the Construction Process of a Building

For a homeowner, stepping into their new home is a feeling of joy and celebration. However, not many know the processes that go into creating the space they will now call their ‘home.’ That is why we at the House of Hiranandani have created this insightful video to help you understand how your home is built. Remember, […]

Luxury Home Trends That Are Ruling 2017

Home decor trends continue to change and evolve every year. Even the most luxurious homes need an upgrade and it’s always good to stay updated as a homeowner. So while 2016 focused on themes like minimalism and contemporary decor, 2017 is looking at an entirely new and radical set of trends that every homeowner can […]

A Good time for NRIs to Invest in India?

This year, it is expected that the total investments in the top 8 Indian cities by Non-Resident Indians would reach $11.5 billion. NRI investment would represent 20 percent of the total market share. If you’ve been considering making a real estate investment, now is the time. Over the last few years the current government has […]

How to Keep Your Cool This Summer

We have already begun to feel the scorching heat of the fast approaching summer. We change our wardrobes for lighter, cooler clothing to prepare for the hotter days or nights and in the same way we can make changes at home to keep the house – and us – cool. 1. Keep your blinds closed As […]

Bathroom Hacks That Work Wonders

The bathrooms of luxury homes, as befitting the status of their owners, come with contemporary styling, high-end fittings and superior design sense. However, in India, space is always at a premium and therefore, all homeowners look to optimise this space as much as possible. We believe that no matter how well planned the design is, […]

A Push for Stability: Budget 2017

After a decidedly difficult last quarter in 2016, both the common man and Indian industry awaited Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s 2017 Budget with bated breath. As it turns out, Mr. Jaitley and his team unveiled a budget that managed to blend economic stability with welfare for the common man. While there weren’t many surprises, […]

Decoding Real Estate with a Legal Expert

There is no doubt that Real Estate and documentation go hand in hand. Also, when it comes to the biggest investment of your life, it becomes even more important to be well informed and understand how the process of documentation works. The Realtyism series by House of Hiranandani is here to inform and educate those who are […]

The Future Of Indian Real Estate Decoded

A recent survey conducted by KPMG, in association with Naredco and APREA, revealed that India’s real estate market is poised to hit USD 1 trillion by 2030, making it the third largest worldwide. These numbers prove that real estate in India is currently undergoing a turning point. Multiple policy changes by the government with stringent […]

Creating Personal Spaces In Modern Homes

We invest a lot in our families, both financially and emotionally. Even our homes are social spaces to ensure togetherness and a strong bond between family members. Sometimes though, it’s important to take time for yourself and return to your personal space. Having a personal sanctuary or a ‘calm zone’ is imperative to reconnect with […]

The Top 7 Developments of Real Estate in 2016

From landmark decisions like the passing of RERA to demonetisation, 2016 has been host to quite a few amazing moments for the real estate sector. Here are our top 7 picks of all the developments that had major impact on real estate this year. 1. RERA : Without a doubt, introduction of RERA (Real Estate and Regulation […]

Home – Buying Tips

The landscape of Real Estate is going through great change with reforms like Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA) as well as RBI cutting repo rate by 25 basis points that will reduce the interest rate on home loans. Now is a good time to invest in Real Estate and buy your dream home. For first […]

The Best Cities In India To Invest

With the advent of the Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016 and the government’s smart city push, it’s becoming increasingly clear that investing in Real Estate is a wise choice. The growth of India as a nation – and not just selective development in the metropolitan cities but the two tier and three tier […]

Selling Your Property? Here’s How You Can Get The Best Price For It

There is no doubt that real estate is all about negotiating to get the right price, whether you’re buying or selling your property. It is only when you are selling your home that you realise that the process of negotiating the right price can be a complex affair. Here are a few tips that will […]

THE HIGH-RISE LIVING – 5 Reasons to Stay in a Skyscraper

There is an almost unprecedented growth rate of infrastructure throughout India. Cities like Mumbai are already being known as Skyscraper City with the 12th highest number of skyscrapers in the world. The majority of these buildings are residential. There is no doubt that the trend of living in high-rises has picked up throughout the country. […]

The Festive Touch: Design Ideas for Diwali

With Diwali right around the corner, we have the best reason to transform our homes. However, redoing the look of our home and replacing all our furniture can be less than practical. More importantly, after the festive season comes to pass, all we might be left with is a festive-themed home without the heady joy […]

5 Home Automation Technologies to Upgrade Your Home

The 21st Century is the age of seamless technology. Everything is connected; physical networks are slowly fading and entering the advent of the digital age, our homes are no exception. The ‘Internet of things’ a physical network of devices armed with sensors and software to connect and run the physical structures around us, from the […]

All You Need To Know: The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA)

Until very recently, a property investor or home buyer had to rely on advertisements and brochures before they made the crucial decision of investing in property. Unlike mutual funds and shares, which are heavily regulated, the realm of Real Estate has been largely unregulated for its investors. Fortunately, RERA now enters as a game changer […]

A Colour Guide To Creating A Beautiful Home

Colour has a very significant impact on the way your home looks and feels. After all, you want your home to be aesthetically appealing. It is important to realize that we respond to colour all the time; its significance increases even more when it comes to your home because that’s where you spend maximum time. […]

7 reasons why Real Estate investments will always score

Real estate is a blooming market. Nowadays, we see almost everyone investing in properties or seeking for guidance to do so. From entrepreneurs to savers, everyone is looking to diversify their profits, thus real estate offers them a great opportunity. However, real estate is also an expensive affair and for those who need that slight […]

How To Create A Clutter-Free Home

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris Our lives tend to be a series of varying degrees of clutter. We not only work in a crammed city but also live in small homes. More often than not, we’re running out of […]

The Advantages of Tax Deductions On An Investment Property

Property is more than just an investment; it is also a representation of your dreams. Dreams of better living, improving the quality of our lives and most importantly, creating a better future for our family. It is therefore only natural to want to optimise this investment and recoup maximum profits. This is why it is […]

Pet Friendly Homes

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” by Anatole France. There is always a catch-22 situation when we want to make our pets comfortable in small spaces of our apartments. But space is never a constraint, if you have the will to own a pet. Here are some tips […]

Green Buildings and their Myths

An awareness of hou‘Green’ initiatives is all around us. Even our hashtags are dominated by this trend. Knowledge of the damage we inflict on the environment has become a part of our collective consciousness. Why then, are we failing to take action where it matters the most? Just like charity, the idea of ‘Going Green’ […]

5 Space Saving Tips for Home Organising

The urban skyline is dotted with magnificent high-rises. In fact, imposing skyscrapers now define the 21st century city. However, as much as we build our way upward, the finite space of our surroundings constrains us in a very significant way. Dealing with the space crunch is a real problem that everyone must deal with at […]

Designing the Perfect New City

The 21st century is seeing an unprecedented movement towards urban areas in India. According to the New Cities Foundation, more people will move to cities in the next 40 years than in the entire span of human history. The greatest reaction to this has been the development of new cities. The new cities of the […]

The Allure of Living in a Gated Residential Complex

The essence and style of residential living is evolving rapidly in India, quite in tandem with global trends. The increasing shift towards residential townships is observed to be driven by a desire for community living and luxurious lifestyle amenities The advent of gated residential communities as single-unit villas and bungalows for the elite: Gated living is […]

The Making of Smart Cities

The Indian Government has announced 100 cities to be developed as smart cities and recently shortlisted 20 cities for financing during 2015-16. Amongst the 20 selected cities, the maximum number of to-be-developed smart cities are in UP (12 cities) and Tamil Nadu (12 cities) followed by Maharashtra (10). These cities have submitted plans to together […]

Why are smart homes gaining popularity?

Smart homes are gaining popularity in India not only among home buyers, but also property developers, allied industries and technology providers. Riding high on key drivers like technology and digitization, the ‘Smart Homes’ concept that was once a distant dream is now a reality. Smart Homes are all about creating a better experience for home […]

Welcome to the Official Blog of House of Hiranandani

Do you wish to know about our latest projects and the current news in the real estate market? Visit Hiranandani’s official blog page to know more. House of Hiranandani has created a niche for itself in the real estate sector and is widely acknowledged for developing exemplary landmarks and luxury homes in India. Since our […]

NRI’s are on the lookout for a luxurious house in India

The trend of NRIs’ preference for the Indian real estate market is a well-known fact. Their investment capacity in luxurious houses in India has been growing tremendously year after year. It appears to be a renewed consumer interest in the real estate market. The government has given a green signal to the various housing projects […]

The Indian real estate sector is gearing up to leverage internet penetration

India has the third-largest Internet user base in the world, with more than 300 million users. With the increasing penetration of internet, the scenario has changed the way businesses are done and real estate is not an exception with realty companies are increasingly getting into online mode. The emergence and sudden burst of digital era […]

Add panache to the holiday decor in your heaven

In the onset of December, the home is filled with joy, brightness and positivity, thanks to a great mix of vintage and enthusiasm which Christmas brings along… Christmas need not be a spending of fortune for a catalogue-style perfect décor. You need not even be particularly skilled to make some really lovely festive decorations. A […]

Odyssey of Nesting

Made from straw or mud – concrete or wood – a home is what makes our living so good! Doing up the home décor, constructing a building, or designing a home always has a belief or philosophy hidden, which is avid from the different house architecture we see world-wide. Right from the sky-scrapers to boat […]

Different Types of Houses in India

The Indian property market has made  rapid progression in the last couple of decades. While people continue to build their own houses in smaller towns and cities,  builders and developers have boosted the organised supply of residential properties in a big way. Today, there are multiple options ranging from traditional standalone houses including villas to […]

A check-list of relevant documents for potential home buyers

Buying a home or property is a cherished dream for any of us as it involves significant capital investment. While it is generally recommended that you should deal with reputed developers, one must take time out to conduct due diligence before signing on the dotted line. Here is a checklist of documents that you must […]

Smart and practical home buying tips in India

Importance of home buying tips in India? Find out as we, at House of Hiranandani, explain how this can go a long way in finding your dream home Real estate investment has always proved to be one of the comfortable investment ideas because the importance of owning a home has always been ingrained in the […]

Beneficial Vastu Shastra Tips for Your Home

Building a house for the comfort and well-being of the family is one of the biggest dreams of every man. All one wishes before acquiring a house, is that the home brings happiness, prosperity, and good health to one’s family. Along with beneficial gains, Vastu Shastra also provides an individual spiritual enlightenment and exudes positive […]

Easy tips to increase the lifespan of your house.

A concrete building can easily survive for about 75 to 100 years, a house for about 40 years, and an apartment for about 60 years. To increase the lifespan of any building, house, or apartment, it is important to pay attention to its maintenance. Maintaining a house is not very difficult, by putting in minimal […]