5 Hacks To A Better Home

New Year is the best time to change things up and to make your home a little more green, better organised, a little more secure and maybe even less cluttered. It’s all about the little changes that can make a major impact. Revamp your home for the better this year with these hacks brought to you by House of Hiranandani.

  • Mason Jar Terrarium for a greener home: Imagine a forest in a jar and you’ll have an idea of what a Mason Jar Terrarium is. Layer gravel, activated charcoal, fine soil, a pinch of moss, and a low-growing plant, and you will end up with a living, breathing ecosystem in a jar! With a little care, these terrariums are perfect little gardens that require minimal maintenance.


  • Play with Colours to add more light: Spruce up your home with a touch of colour. You can do this with colourful lamp shades. You can play with earthy tones like green and brown thus creating a calming and relaxing effect – especially when combined with leafy houseplants. These hacks aid in bringing nature’s calming effect indoors. Bright yellows also work to add a touch of excitement to your home.


  • A home makeover with paint: If you’re planning to revamp your home, repainting is definitely a priority. Opt for a satin or gloss finish instead of a regular white emulsion. This reflects light and can liven up any space, channeling bright daylight down corridors and through darker areas. This alternative also means no more dirty walls, as both satin and gloss are washable. A good paint can do wonder for your home.


  • Use hinged paintings to organise better- Hinged paintings tend to be framed in a way that they create a small space between the wall and the painting. Conceal your switchboard or even create a mini shelf behind the painting to keep your keys or anything else that you wish to organise. These paintings are the perfect aesthetic elements for organising those little things that may not have an assigned place in your home.


  • A more secure home with lights- If you’re living in the city, added security always helps. When you leave the house, create the illusion that there are still occupants inside by leaving the night light on or making sure the gardens in the balcony are well trimmed. A way to make this an extremely eco-friendly method is by using solar powered lights!


We at House Of Hiranandani believe in creating unique living experiences for our customers and hence, we have built a range of apartments in Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad that would be the perfect canvas to try these hacks out on. So what are you waiting for? Get cracking on these effective household hacks in a beautiful apartment this new year for a greener, healthier and safer living!

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