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Meera & Dinesh Rajda

The phrase “all is well” stands true here as we are not stressed about our security and other daily conveniences.

Club Meadows, B 2402 

Dipalee & Vikas Soni

We had dreamed of owning a flat in an HOH property, and are happy to say that 20 years later we have achieved that dream.

Lake Verandahs, A 104

Neelam & Savan Harore

It is close to my workplace and we have access to recreational facilities along with a stunning view of the city.

Club Meadows, C 1502

Sachin Nayak & Pangal Suresh Nayak

Ample space, security, lush green landscaping, lake view along with the high ceilings of our home gives a magnificent and royal feel.

Lake Verandahs, A 304