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Customer Name: Animesh

Unit No: Club Meadows, C-203

Bannerghatta Road

"Experience of having our first apartment has been a very pleasant journey. We are lucky that we have travelled this journey with Hiranandani. Customer relationship staff has been extremely patient in dealing with our queries. They have been honest and clearly stated what is known and what is unknown. That is one quality which every home buyer looks for in the builder."

Customer Name: Amit Mahajan

Unit No: Lake Verandahs, A-904

Bannerghatta Road

"I am one of the initial investors at Hiranandani Bannerghatta. And let me tell you, I have not seen such a sincere and transparent construction company. Every transaction including instalment payment, referral fees, feedback incorporation, flexibility in changes to apartment design and regular updates has clarity and overall responsiveness. The welcome feeling has been simply great. What else would a customer need!

On top of it, there is good appreciation of the apartment."

Customer Name: Sumant

Unit No: Club Meadows, A-202

Bannerghatta Road

"Let me first congratulate HOH team as a customer for having come up with truly a landmark project in Bangalore. Though HOH is a household name in western India, especially Mumbai & Pune, but in my opinion this project i.e. Banerghatta Road, Bangalore, would go a long way into establishing HOH in the heart of IT/BT/Start up city of India. I wish you guys the very best for all your current/future projects in Bangalore. I was really pleased to see the quality/finishes etc. of this project and as a customer (CM,A-202) I can't wait further to move in. Once again thank you all for starting the registration and I am eagerly waiting for 19th Feb (my scheduled date of registration). What I really liked about HOH is the hassle free experience, superfast response, ultra-friendly staff and the way they go about real solving the problems Therefore I realised HOH’s vision of "Transforming the ethos and aesthetics of real estate of India" and thought of recommending it to all.

Thank you once again for coming up with a great project in Bangalore."

Customer Name: S.Umashankar

Unit No: Oceanic 1004


"More than 1000 families are living very safe in Hiranandani and are able to support more families  in this kind of disaster in chennai. It has been proven that the infrastructure has been built with Foresight and Long term vision. We feel Hiranandani community is the most safest place in Chennai. Your team's response was amazing when we faced some issues. We are really proud to own an apartment here.

We are very grateful to you and your organisation."

Customer Name: Senior Citizens Group, represented by Somasundaram, M/s Kalyanasundaram and others


"The heaviest, unprecedented rain has lashed out mercilessly and gone. As far as the eyes can reach, the city and suburbs were inundated. The other great builders have failed in protecting their residents from flood waters. Here, we appreciate and praise you for the thoughtfulness in planning and construction. Even though, we are much closer to the 
waterfront, there was no flooding of water even in lower basement parking area. Even the red tiled areas around our buildings did not cave in, which normally happens if not planned well. 

We did not feel any inconvenience caused in our regular activities. Our normal life continued uninterrupted. The generators installed by you helped us throughout.
We, the senior citizens, are very fortunate to have chosen your 
subdivision to live along with our children. At this juncture, we assure and extend to the management of House of Hiranandani our fullest cooperation and support at any time."

Customer Name: M.A. Prabhakaran

Unit No: A 1303


"Due to unprecedented heavy rains in Chennai city, practically the entire city suffered from flood related damages and sufferings. Thanks to your solid construction and better infrastructure, Hiranandani, OMR, Chennai did not have any problems. We, the residents, were safe and secure.

I place on record my appreciation to Hiranandani for providing us a good and safe home.

Customer Name: Senthil

Unit No: 601

Birchwood, OMR Chennai

"I would like to appreciate the excellent infrastructure and rain water drainage system planned within the House Of Hiranandani community.
As most part of Chennai is flooded and without power, we didn't noticed any water clogging in any part of the House Of Hiranandani community.
We realize the value of money invested here in House Of Hiranandani and happy to be part of the community"

Customer Name: Sreedhar J.V

Unit No: 1604

Birchwood, OMR Chennai

"We appreciate the way this community has been planned and maintained. The way the entire infrastructure, roads, driveways, walkways, parking, gardens, lawns etc. faced the recent monsoon onslaught without any inconvenience to any resident.

In spite of the heavy unprecedented downpour there was no water stagnation in the entire community. Even our carpark basements were not flooded, although they leaked.

Considering the plight of some of my friends who live in other establishments, where the community was flooded, generators submerged, Car parks inundated, water entering ground floor apartments, snakes floating around,etc.
We are very lucky to have invested here and live peacefully with very minor hiccups. Keep up the good work and again thanks to the entire facility team for ensuring minimum inconvenience to us.
Thanks again"

Customer Name: Dr. Nayak

Unit No: Villa

Devanahalli, Bangalore

"After some extensive research and viewing various properties, we made a decision to invest in the House of Hiranandani, gated community project in Devanahalli. We didn’t reach the decision easily considering the myriad developers and projects in North Bangalore. However what clinched the deal was the vision, values, history and reputation for quality delivery of the developer.

But what truly won our hearts was the dedication of the team who exceeded our expectations in terms of customer service. The patience they displayed, the frequent follow ups and the flexibility to achieve a mutually fruitful outcome during the journey over subsequent two years left us feeling overwhelmed with satisfaction.

Adding to this wonderful experience, what clearly took the cake was when we first viewed our “Villa”. The commitment to quality and attention to details were quite evident from the architectural elegance, beautiful front elevation, bright and airy space within. It met all of our requirements to the tee. It was far from the hustle and bustle of the madding crowd and the 100 acres of beautiful landscaping spelled tranquility. To add to this, the long list of amenities left us awestruck.

We strongly felt then that this development will transform into one of the finest integrated residential community in Bangalore! And needless to say it has. A special mention of the HOH team, for carrying out the registration and the hand-over process so smoothly and professionally. Not to forget the after service and calls at regular intervals post registration, were very thoughtful."

Customer Name: Mr. Nishant Manayil

Unit No: Seawood A-2401

OMR, Chennai

"I have grown up in Mumbai and have been a frequent visitor at the Hiranandani projects in Powai. Every visit left me in awe of the constructions and layout, and it was a dream to own a house with the group. And when the dream did come true, my first reaction at seeing the house was “wow”. The spectacular views, the airy rooms, tall ceilings and various other factors left me spellbound. Buying the house was a given, and the sales team’s efforts only strengthened my decision. The team helped me with the smallest of queries and kept me updated regarding the status of the property.

This purchase has definitely been one of my best decisions. We have quick access to all the necessary amenities in the community. Whether it is a school, clubhouse or retail outlet – name it and we have it. My family’s happiness knows no bounds, a special play area keeps my children entertained while my wife catches up with her social circle. And I keep myself busy and fit with the myriad activities conducted at the clubhouse. Having everything at hand, allows me to spend more time with my family.

It is such features that have always attracted me to the House of Hiranandani. It has been a life altering experience for me and I strongly recommend their properties for people who want to experience the joys of community living."


Unit No: Oceanic 1004

OMR, Chennai

"Buying an apartment in HOH is one of the best things that happened in our life.The ambience in which the community is set, with back waters on one side and the quality and aesthetic look of the construction made us invest here.Though it was planned as an investment, we moved in finally looking at the way the community and facilities were shaping up.Right from the start the team has been cordial in supporting us, till date that remains.

The infrastructure provided like the gym, football grounds,swimming pool,various courts tempt us and our kids to stay outdoors and hence stay fit.Our quality of life is great and we have more time with our family and friends.The school within the premises is another value add and our kids have a wonderful time with their friends who are classmates too.Celebrating festivals with our friends in the community bring us together and makes everything more enjoyable and memorable.

We have recommended our relatives and friends to invest here as they can obviously see our quality of life here."