Blue Turtle Clubhouse – An Opportunity To Enjoy Life Beyond Your Imagination

Work-life balance is no longer just a theory and has gained a lot of importance over the years. City life demands a regular dose of escaping to some place that is relaxing and refreshing. All you need is a change in your lifestyle with a clubhouse next door that can offer a much-needed respite from everyday living. 

A clubhouse within a residential property comes with a world of benefits and perks. Right from offering a fitness arena and recreational activities to a dedicated space for kids, there is so much to make use of on a day to day basis. Today, most of the top real estate developers emphasize on building a clubhouse with the property premises to promote an all-encompassing lifestyle that has become a prerequisite for city living. 

At House of Hiranandani the focus remains on bringing the best of modern life under one roof in the form of the Blue Turtle Clubhouse in all of its residential complexes. With an aim to redefine the way one unwinds, this state-of-the-art recreational facility offers  world-class services for relaxation, recreation and fitness, focussing at providing a high-end experience to all its residents. Before we jump into which services one can take advantage of at the Blue Turtle Clubhouse, let’s take a look at why it is so important at any House of Hiranandani constructionIt serves as a great way to socialize with your neighbours. Not only do you have the option to relax and have some fun with the people you know, but also a great place to meet other like-minded people. 

  • 1. After a long hectic day, some indoor fun in the form of billiards, foosball, table tennis, cards and other activities seems like the perfect idea.
  • 2. Get fit and active with inhouse aerobics, badminton, lawn tennis and squash courts that are ideal for adults and kids alike.
  • 3. The spa and salon services offer the advantage of enjoying onsite relaxation perks with your friends or partner. 
  • 4. It promotes the need for recreation, relaxation and refreshment, which is extremely essential in modern day living. 

The Blue Turtle Clubhouse is not just a means of luxury, but a way to enjoy a happy, healthy and productive lifestyle. When looking for new homes or investments, make sure to choose one that offers a wholesome way of living. All residential projects by the House of Hiranandani developers in Chennai and Bangalore offer the perks of living in a residential complex that is also home to the Blue Turtle Clubhouse. 

House of Hiranandani builders encourage the benefits of community living through their residential projects, and building a clubhouse at every development is one of the many ways to do just that. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy life beyond your imagination!

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