House of Hiranandani’s Ode to the Women Channel Partners of Real Estate

This International Women’s Day, the women at House of Hiranandani developers truly portrayed their strength and unity in a manner which was not only inspiring for the rest of their colleagues, but everyone else who have been a part of their journey. This year, House of Hiranandani chose to celebrate and honour women’s achievements with the help of a digital campaign that commemorated her success, spirit and journey. This campaign was aimed to acknowledge the contribution made by the women channel partners of House of Hiranandani towards the company and the real estate industry.

This video campaign captures the unflinching efforts and determination of women who come from different backgrounds having fought their own set of battles and conquered various milestones on the way.

The real estate industry was primarily dominated by men in leadership roles, until these fierce women came in to break the norm. Some challenges that they had to face were stereotypes like,

Buyers won’t take her seriously.
People pay more heed to male suggestions as opposed to female suggestions.
There is a difference between bargaining for vegetables and negotiating.

Thanks to their supportive families and the incessant determination to network that helped them pave their way, the channel partners at House of Hiranandani have excelled in the real estate industry. This digital campaign embodies the most common challenges faced by women in the real estate industry, and what these women at House of Hiranandani constructions have said somehow resonates with many other women in different fields and industries.

House of Hiranandani developers commend the efforts, fearless spirit and dedication of each and every woman who has set out to chase her ambitions, lead her true potential and inspire many others to take one step forward to fulfill their dreams, because when SHE CAN, WE CAN.

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