5 Things You Can Do To Add Positivity to Your Home

5 Things You Can Do To Add Positivity to Your Home

Given the stress and pressures of modern city life, we could use all the positivity we can get from the sources around us. After hours of dealing with work deadlines, daily commutes and urban pollution, our mental faculties are just as tired as our bodies. Coming home then, to a house that doesn’t alleviate the pressure, tends to defeat the very purpose of a home – to be a place of peace and sanctuary.

How then, do you ensure that your home, your abode, your refuge against the world is enveloped in an aura of positivity? Here are 5 tips we think that will go a long way: 

1) Bring the Power of Nature into Your Home

plants and mini-gardens

While we yearn for the tranquility of nature in our lives, adding plants and mini-gardens are a perfect way to replicate natural splendour in our urban lives. Plants like jasmine, rosemary and lily are good for energy, feelings of well-being, inner peace, positivity and serenity. Sage plant has been used by Native American tribes since time immemorial to open up consciousness and inspire spirituality. Aloe Vera is already well known in the Indian sub-continent for its healing qualities while the fragrance of lavender enhances relaxation. 

2) Utilise Natural Lighting As Much As Possible

Natural Light

If there’s one thing we’re blessed with in India, it’s vast amounts of sunshine for much of the year. It makes sense then, to take advantage of this boon, by allowing as much of this natural light as possible to filter its way into our homes. Open your windows, pull aside curtains and let nature’s light into your home. Natural light has a positive effect on our moods and in turn, on our outlook on life. A home bathed in natural light is an instant mood uplifter, so go ahead and bask in nature’s light. 

3) Declutter and Minimize


Too many things in our lives means too many things to focus on. In these materialistic times, we tend to collect a vast array of objects that we don’t really need. Gadgets, pieces of furniture, means of entertainment, etc., they all end up consuming space in our homes. Ask yourself, when was the last time you used a certain object. If the answer is more than a year, then it’s likely you don’t really needthat object. Get rid of objects you don’t need and open up your living space. A neat, tidy and spacious home environment is bound to declutter your life and your mind, aiding in upping the positivity. 

4) Convex Mirrors

convex mirrors

According to the principles of Vaastu, mirrors are integral elements in home design, warding of negativity and attracting positivity. If placed correctly, mirrors are able to raise the energy of a space. Placing convex mirrors (unlike standard flat mirrors, they bulge outward) on the exterior of your home can ward of negative energies. 

5) Add Colour, Add Joy 

wall paints, design accents, art

As humans, we associate bright colours with joy and vibrancy, while muted colours signify balance and calm. Colours like green and brown bring in a feeling of natural tranquility. To set a tone of positivity in any home, it’s essential to use colours – wall paints, design accents, art, etc. – as they help create the specific mood you desire.

In our busy and stressful modern lives, it takes only a little effort to find ways to bring an aura of positivity into your home. Whether you’re an owner of a luxury apartment in Bangalore, or a house in Chennai, whether you commute to work in Mumbai or fight traffic in Delhi, your home is your sanctuary and you deserve a sanctuary of peace and positivity.

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