Tips to Turn Your Home into a Peaceful Abode

Tips to Turn Your Home into a Peaceful Abode

Our homes are our sanctums, our places of refuge from the pressures of the outside world. They tend to be the one place that we can be truly comfortable and stress-free. Certainly everyone feels that way about their house, however some houses are calmer and more serene than others. Understanding the finer details of home design can go a long way in balancing the energy and ambience of your home.

Here are a few tips to help create a zone of peace in your home:

Create Clutter-Free Spaces

If your home is filled with more furniture and ornaments than you really need, this can cause the space to become overwhelming. Keeping things minimal helps cut through the clutter and gives you the space to think. Clutter-free homes give families ‘Room for Thought’ and the ensuing positive energy results in better, more understanding relationships.

Establish Routines and Rituals

Routines and rituals are great for maintaining balance and consistency in our daily lives. Routines that incorporate exercise and/or yoga help to centre us and focus on our inner strength. Consistency helps define and achieve our goals. Also, meditating and accessing our spiritual side helps us cope with the ups and downs of daily life.  Adding these set of routines will ensure the peace of your home.

Add House Plants

With today’s modern lifestyles, there are many who aren’t able to get their full quota of sleep, leading to distress. Lack of sleep is known to destroy the inner peace of a person and to create inner imbalances. To counter this, add plants like lavender, aloe-vera and jasmine to your home. Their relaxing aromas and sleep-inducing properties will help you relax and allow you to recharge your batteries.


The choice of colors you use in your home décor impacts you emotionally and psychologically. Blue is known to calm you down, violet is known to bring inner peace, green is known to keep you refreshed and so on. Before designing your home, you could research which color would suit you and your family. Remember, these colors could boost the serenity of your home.

Create Technology Zones

The use of electronics has broadened gaps between family members. Conversation with loved ones has decreased and life is being approached in an individualistic manner. Maintaining a practice of reduced use of electronic devices and designating specific rooms for them could make homes a better place to converse in. Sharing thoughts with loved ones reduces stress levels.

We hope these techniques would enhance the serenity of your homes and bring you prosperity. Always remember, it is families that complete homes and better relations help homes function smoothly. If you are a peace seeker, you could consider our range of luxury apartments in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad as these properties stand in the most peaceful locations of the city. House of Hiranandani wishes you a peaceful and pleasant home life.

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