Children’s Day Special: A day of love and laughter at House of Hiranandani’s Bannerghatta Township

It is safe to say that House of Hiranandani has mastered the art of bringing communities together. With yet another effort at bringing smiles on people’s faces, House of Hiranandani celebrated the joyous occasion of Children’s Day at their Bannerghatta township, by bringing in children and parents together to spend some quality time playing games and participating in fun activities. The idea was to give kids and parents a day without phones, without distractions and full of memories!

On 14th November, the 33-acre Hiranandani Bannerghatta township in Bangalore was buzzing with young energy, enthusiasm and inexpressible zeal. Kids, teenagers, adults and senior citizens gathered in conjunction to play games like crossing rivers, hopscotch relay, building bricks and other such engaging activities. “It was a great day, great activities and very well organized. I’ve never participated in anything quite like this before. It was a great communal experience,” said one of the participating Bannerghatta residents.

The unison brought a heap of smiles from everywhere around the township. The participants included everyone from 2-50 year olds playing games and displaying unique forms of talent, sportsmanship and teamwork. Another aim behind hosting this special event was to take this opportunity to keep kids away from television screens and other gadgets. Being competitive together gave kids and their parents a unique opportunity to bond and spend time with each other in a way that was different from the usual.

Children’s Day, and other such communal celebrations help families build an all-encompassing life together. “I moved to Hiranandani Bannerghatta township only and only because of my son. I wanted to give him a better society, a better place to play and a better life. At House of Hiranandani, all of that seemed possible,” said another resident. Since ‘Community Living’ is the key to happiness, House of Hiranandani strives to bring people together in unique, memorable ways, and Children’s Day was the perfect way to commemorate this thought.

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