At our core, we have always been a design and engineering company with commitment to quality construction and architectural excellence. These are the four key pillars upon which we base all our projects :

New Urbanism

New Urbanism is a pragmatic approach which promotes the creation of environment friendly communities that are more pedestrian oriented and self-sustainable.

In all of our projects, we have incorporated liveable streets, with access to nearby destinations such as day-care, schools, retail, restaurants etc. to give our customers a self-sufficient community to live in.

Our commitment to such balance has helped us sustain public trust and confidence amongst our customers.

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Meticulous Planning

We plan all of our projects with the utmost care and attention to detail. From creating the imposing heights, designing mismatched arrays of crisscross cobblestones, to visualizing colourful canopies to the Florentine French figurines at the heart of every four-way fountain, a House of Hiranandani development always provides a thoroughly researched and cutting-edge construction with a distinguished sense of our signature grandeur.

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Architectural Prowess

We have always believed that functionality and design must blend seamlessly. Our architecture reflects elegance and heritage with a subtle dash of modernity. The elaborate domes, lofted arches and arched windows are some of our signature architectural touches that help our communities come to life.

Every House of Hiranandani structure is a thoughtful mix of vivid imagination, quality workmanship, contemporary accents and flawless execution with attention to the most meticulous details. Developing a neo-classical building is an expensive affair, making it a home to the privileged few.

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Quality Construction

We have developed our own standard operating procedures (SOPs) that is followed by everyone across our construction value chain. The sole objective of creating and adhering to these guidelines is to ensure superior quality across our projects. We have always been a step further than the defined norms of quality specified by the National Building Code of India and various other Indian standards applicable for construction.

At HOH, we follow stringent norms for raw materials used in our projects. Procurement and quality at the construction site is continuously monitored and evaluated by a team of experts. The team carries out continuous sampling, inspection, testing and data analysis ensure that only the best quality product goes in the building .

We devote a lot of time to Research & Development at every stage of construction. This is not just the macro level of urban planning but right down to the micro level, the doors and windows and the detail of each screw which goes into the building.


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Disclaimer: The Layout Details, Amenities, Prices And Facilities Mentioned / Shown Are Subject To Changes / Relocation Within The Composite Development / Are Subject To Modification, Amendment, Changes And Revocable, Without Any Notice, At The Discretion Of The Developer. Also By Filling Up Any Website Form, You Agree To Receive Text Messages Notifications & Emailer From Us To Get The Latest Updates Regarding House Of Hiranandani Properties And Schemes. Images Used On The Website Are For Illustrative Purposes And Are Intended To Convey The Concept And Vision Of The Development And May Vary From Actual Views. The Details Of The Furniture, Accessories, Items, Etc. Shown In The Images/Plans Are Only Indicative In Nature And Are Only For The Purpose Of Illustrating A Possible Layout And Do Not Form Part Of The Standard Specifications/Amenities/Services To Be Provided In The Flat. All Specifications Of The Flat Shall Be As Per The Final Agreement Between The Parties.Hiranandani Realtors Private Limited is the legal entity of House of Hiranandani.

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