Current scenario from our employee Kalidoss S

The course of life never stops changing, and the comforts of life are also dynamic.  Many of us learned this very recently, and all the credit goes to the infamous virus Covid-19.

This virus has changed so many general theories which humankind has been practicing for a long time.  Humans, the foremost social animals, have been retrained to live their lives mostly in isolation.

The smile on our faces that we can share with others, is the differentiating factor between humans and animals. Unfortunately now our faces are covered by masks.   I have learned to remove my face mask for a brief time to flash my smile, and then put it back on.

Also in this pandemic time, we have been repeatedly trained with so many new terms like social distancing, repeated hand wash, N95 masks, oxygen level, thermo scanner, E-pass, etc.  In each phase of life, our environment teaches us continuously, irrespective of our age.

Many have learned to live our life and lead our life without restaurants, public transport, everyday snacks, cinema, frequent visits to shopping malls, etc.  So life will never be the same, but we are OK in adjusting to the new normal.

When it comes to work culture, I am really astonished the way both the Government and private organizations have taken this situation very seriously. They have taken a stand that “employees come first”, and employee safety and well-being is the foremost concern for them.

We are fortunate that even in unfortunate times that we always had the backing of our management, with the Company standing tall behind us to protect us.

We are fortunate to receive direct communications from the CEO asking what help is needed in this time of crisis. We also conveyed the same message to our workers and our teams, inspired by our bosses.

We are getting back on track slowly and with precautions, closely following the advice of the Government, medical professionals and experts.  We hope that the vaccine will be launched and distributed soon, so we can get back to business as usual.

The company we work for, stands next to our family. If both are good in supporting us, we are really blessed and we don’t need to ask the Almighty for anything else.

House of Hiranandani makes us feel blessed.

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