Exploring ‘Smart Furniture’ for your home

It is the age when all our daily necessities are getting smarter day by day – right from smartphones and smart TVs to smart kitchen and smart furniture. Home decor is no longer simply about placing furniture wherever they belong. It is about finding the perfect balance between utility and aestheticism, while keeping in mind a host of smart home decor elements. The concept of ‘smart furniture’ takes home decor a step further by emphasizing on the space-saving element. That requires you to have a clear picture of what you do and don’t want, and then make careful choices accordingly.

Here are a few smart tips for you to introduce a subtle twist to your home decor with the four elements of smart furniture:

One of the primary objectives of smart furniture is to make home decor clutter-free. These furnitures are wall-mounted or extendable by nature. They can be pulled out when you want to use them and pushed them right back after use to create space. For instance, invisible bed, study table, dining table remains wall-mounted when not in use. You can simply pull them out when it’s time for you to use them. This way, you have the furniture when you need them and, at the same time, make the most of the floor space when they are not in use.

Smart furniture are multi-functional and can be utilised as and when you need it, without occupying unnecessary space. They can be adjusted as per your requirements. Take, for example, an expandable three-piece coffee table. They take up a tiny space at the corner of your living room, but when you have many guests to serve, you can pull out the tables and you’re sorted.

3.Light weight and expandable
Smart furniture serves multiple purposes, without appearing heavy and cumbersome. Rather, it has mastered aestheticism and become a smart multi-tasker. Let’s look at an example here. An expandable dining set can be used for what it is meant for and leave no trace behind when you are done with your meal.

4.Easy maintenance and sustainable
With smart furniture, optimal utilisation of space is no more an alien concept. Coupled with easy maintenance and sustainability, these make our lives easier and more organised, without an added effort.

Spaciousness gives an apartment a visual impression of openness. For instance, if you are a proud owner of an apartment in Devanahalli, you can give it a feel of spaciousness by placing smart furniture at convenient places. You needn’t be the proud owner of a House of Hiranandani villa in Devanahalli to have a home with endless space. What’s more, for home decor enthusiasts who appreciate minimalism, smart furniture is a dream come true. Experiment with smart furniture at House of Hiranandani and let your personality shine through your home decor ideas.

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