House of Hiranandani Hebbal: An Easy Access to Good Amenities

The joy of purchasing your own home is one that is accentuated by the fact that your space gives you access to everything you need. The things you may need may be basic, such as proximity to your place of work, your kids’ school, your parents’ home, or even where most of your friends may live. This joy is made greater when your home fulfills all your basic requirements, and then some more. While the absolute bare necessities are non-negotiable, the special, the premium and the “extras” is what makes your purchase a hundred times better. Having access to good amenities in your building complex is always a huge plus. After all, it is only ideal that your biggest purchase is one that ticks all the boxes. It must give you the option to

1. After a long day at work
2. Relax Socialize and form new connections
3. Exercise to keep yourself healthy
4. Keep you entertained!

Living in a home that gives you easy and seamless access to things that improve your quality of life makes sure that you are always thankful for your purchase, and it ensures that you stay proud of it  for years to  come. Now, if you are considering investing in flats in Bangalore, we think you should definitely consider an apartment in Hebbal.

Situated on the Northern end of Bangalore, Hebbal is an up-and-coming area that offers a ton of options when it comes to entertainment, work and leisure as well. It is really close to the Central Business District and MG Road, and is quite close to main roads such as the Outer Ring Road and Bellary Road.

Now, your well-connected home must also keep you comfortable and spoiled for choice when you are not looking to travel for work. From physical fitness to mental wellness, premium projects by the House of Hiranandani ensure that your apartment complex offers a holistic lifestyle, which is bound to keep you and your family in the pink of health.

Amazing projects such as Glen Gate and Glen Classic offer a multitude of sporting amenities that make sure you and your children stay physically fit.

House of Hiranandani’s clubhouses offer opportunities to play sports such as
1. Squash
2. Tennis
3. Badminton
4. Basketball
5. Cricket
6. Swimming

And many more informal sports, like foosball! This has several positive effects on mental stability and wellbeing, and living in a home that gives you access to sporting grounds is always an advantage. With growing children, it’s always fun for them to have spaces to learn and play in, such as jungle gyms and lush open spaces to enjoy.

A fully equipped gym and/or fitness center ensures that you stay fit as a fiddle, and show up as your best self when it comes to work.

The best part, though, is that a home with access to amenities continues to grow in price. So your investment is bound to give you multifold returns, when the time comes to sell. So go ahead and make a purchase that’s bound to make your life better, now, and later!

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