How New Metro Lines Will Affect Flat Price Kandivali West

We all are aware that extensive connectivity engenders huge development and growth in any region. That growth is further catapulted to newer heights when the connectivity is augmented by the city metro. Examples of New Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata are in front of us. With the same growth potential in mind metro project in Mumbai was launched in 2013. The metro expansion was planned for areas like the suburbs, southern Mumbai, Thane, and Navi Mumbai.

This continued interlinking of major parts of Mumbai has helped in reducing travel time and congestion of road traffic. This has further led to a rise in the rate of properties around Kandivali West, and other regions of Mumbai.

But before we move on to its impact let’s point out the exact metro line which will affect the rates of flats in Kandivali, Borivali & Dahisar. The metro line is called Metro Line 2A and 7 – Dahisar – Dahanukarwadi (Kandivali) – DN Nagar – Aarey Colony. There are various other metro lines that continue to give the people of this restless city a breather.

Let’s understand more elaborately how new metro lines will affect the rates of flats in Kandivali West.

Rate Moderation 

The first & foremost impact of metro lines on rate of flats in Kandivali West will be in the form of moderation of property rates. Better connectivity ensures hassle-free commutation between places, and it also saves time and money.

In that regard, newly launched metro lines across the city will help in moderating the prices of other less-preferred locations around the city. Thus, rates of flats in Kandivali West or Thane will increase in moderation.

We’ll not witness such a huge jump in property rates because people don’t have to search for a residence that is close to their place of work or business. Some experts go as far as to predict that property prices in high-demand areas Navi Mumbai, Colaba, and Bandra will become “flat-ish” in upcoming years.

Other Attributes’ Affect on Pricing

Another impact of metro lines on the rate of flats in Kandivali West will be in the form of other attributes of properties deciding the value of a property. Various geographical attributes that are incorporated in flats in Mumbai such as sea-facing, terrace, and balcony.

Along with the kind of demographic distribution that will attract buyers of luxury properties in Kandivali West or other areas in Mumbai. This rise in demand is bound to make real-estate property costlier and more competitive.

Boost to Commercial Real Estate

The third impact of metro lines on the rate of flats in Kandivali West will be in the form of boosting the demand for commercial or retail spaces. This is an after-effect of enhanced and improved connectivity. More like a cause & effect relationship between the two.

Anyways, we all know that improved connectivity sustains and facilitates businesses, this will attract businesses or commercial ventures to set up their office or places of operations in Kandivali, Dahisar, and Borivali. This will further lead to higher demand for flats in Kandivali and other regions.

Overall Improvement in Infrastructure

Better economic growth facilitated by better connectivity also leads to the roundabout improvement in infrastructure in those regions. This simply means flats in Kandivali, Borivali, and Dahisar are surrounded by well-established schools, colleges, and hospitals. The standard of living is further elevated by parking facilities, less congestion on roads, and more parks and green spaces.

Metro expansion throughout the city will revamp the whole real-estate infrastructure of Mumbai. Keeping in touch with rising demand, buying or investing in flats in Kandivali West or Borivali will be an ideal investment for you. These properties in Mumbai can be a great source of rental income.

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