How To Create A Clutter-Free Home

How To Create A Clutter-Free Home

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

Our lives tend to be a series of varying degrees of clutter. We not only work in a crammed city but also live in small homes. More often than not, we’re running out of space to manage our possessions. There are many of us who also love to hoard. All this leads to one big concern, how do we cope with the clutter in our living spaces?
Fortunately, one doesn’t have to embrace a minimalist lifestyle to maintain a clutter-free home. Unsightly messes can be managed and organised very easily. Here are some great tips on how to declutter your homes:

Take The 5-5-5 Challenge

This challenge involves a simple task of locating 5 items to throw away, 5 items to donate and 5 items to be returned to their proper place. This challenge is a really fun and exciting way of managing clutter in your house.

Learn Storage Hacks

Storage hacks are clever solutions to manage your house and reduce clutter. Here are some hacks which you can use to reduce clutter in your home:

  • Store balls by using bungee cords. This genius storage solution allows you to easily access your ball collection, and it’s a cinch to put together.
  • A fruit basket can be used to store toys or bath accessories.
  • A shelf over the bathroom door is a great place for things that are rarely used.
  • Use empty bottles as bracelet holders.
  • These kinds of hacks not only manage your household equipment, they reduce clutter by ensuring everything has a place to go back to after they have been used.

Work in Reverse
What would you replace if you lost everything? Working in reverse offers perspective. You can separate the things you need from the things you want. While you don’t have to become a minimalist in the process, you will see a definite decrease in the amount of clutter around your home.

The Four-Box Method

This method categorizes four boxes into the following categories:

  • A box for trash
  • A box for donations
  • A box for the things you need
  • A box for the things that don’t belong in the place they were found
  • You will realize that all the items you own will belong in one of these boxes for sure. This will aid the process of decluttering your home very effectively.

Experiment With Numbers

Here is how you can experiment with numbers:

Courtney Carver invented Project 333 to challenge people to wear only 33 articles of clothing for 3 months. If 33 articles of clothing seem too little, adjust the rules as you need by picking a new number.

The intention of this experiment is to help you figure out what clothes are actually being used. This same principle can be applied to toys, tools and other such items in your house. These kinds of experiments make the decluttering process much easier.

Now that you know a few tricks to deal with clutter, go ahead and transform your home into the best version of itself. One Hiranandani park offers specoius flats that can give you space to build clutter free home.

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