Luxury Home Trends That Are Ruling 2017

Luxury Home Trends That Are Ruling 2017

Home decor trends continue to change and evolve every year. Even the most luxurious homes need an upgrade and it’s always good to stay updated as a homeowner. So while 2016 focused on themes like minimalism and contemporary decor, 2017 is looking at an entirely new and radical set of trends that every homeowner can take inspiration from. Here are some trends that you should definitely know:

  • Brass and Copper is the New Look of Luxury: Jewel tones, lustrous leathers and heavier, coloured metals appeal to a new “visually expressive” generation, says Pantone’s Laurie Pressman. Metallic tones have made a great comeback in 2017. Metallic colours tend to balance out the entire look of the room. So having an element of metal – be it a simple vase or an elegant sofa – can do great things for the way your room looks.

Copper cones and copper pot

  • Embrace the State-of-the-Art:  The luxury market is now dominated by the advent of new state of the art home amenities. From temperature controlled infinity pools to sky lounges that are equipped with every facility you will need, from tennis courts to world class gyms, these amenities definitely make it the checklist of any home buyer in 2017. The new classes of hi-tech security systems are also a game changer in the real estate market.

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  • Mismatch is the new match: New mixed patterns, created by fusing different cultural aesthetics are the new trend. For example: A traditional Rajasthani wall print with a French painting hung on the wall could be a new mix. Many luxury homes are opting for wall paintings, furniture, lightings etc that have diverse roots and origins. The mix & match patterns add a unique touch to your home with their own kind of style, setting it apart from the mainstream luxury homes. 2017 is certainly year to stand apart from the crowd.

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  • The Art Deco comeback: The Art Deco style became popular in mid-2016 and is expected to dominate 2017 as well from a design perspective. Geometric patterns, gold tones, bold colours and disruptive patterns are part of this concept and are worth exploring, if you are enthusiastic about ramping up your home interiors and giving it that unique touch this year.

 decoration vase on the table in living room

  • Sustainable Furniture and Home Accessories: ‘Greenery’ is not just the pantone colour of the year; it’s also a heavily trending concept this year for home decor. Whether it is interiors or exteriors, furniture pieces made from jute, terracotta, wood, etc. are gaining serious popularity internationally because of their eco-friendly nature. Indian homes shifted to more metallic and modern furniture choices last year, however it might be time to transit to newer and more natural choices when it comes to furniture and decor in 2017.

Set of round coffee tables with straw mats in a creatively furnished studio flat

Following these trends is one of the best ways to optimize your home. If you have a sea facing apartment or even a high ceiling home like the apartments in Chennai we’ve designed, these trends will definitely compliment your home and add a touch of individuality to it.

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