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Minimalism – Practical Organization Hacks

The current quarantine scenario has left us with limited resources. This is a good time to declutter and adopt minimalism as a way of life, including your wardrobe and other storage units. This is also suggestive of being one of the best ways to utilize your time at home productively. In the bargain, you can make the place you spend most of your time right now, worth living.  Distract yourself with some much-needed decluttering that you have been putting off for months and let’s get to it.

We want to give you a few tried-and-true hacks to enhance the effectiveness of your organization process.

Start small
Don’t overthink the whole process and stress yourself out. One room, one closet, and one box at a time is the way to go.

Divide your stuff on the basis of colour, size, frequency of use, seasonal, or expiration date (with respect to kitchen items and medicines).

Make a list
This can help you launch in the right direction. Make a list of all the ‘clutter hotspots’ of your house and start with organizing those areas.

Discard duplicates
If you wish to live minimally, it is imperative that you get rid of duplicate items in the house. Right from appliances, tools, to even bedding.

Sort through old documents
What better time to get rid of unnecessary piled up papers. Throw out old bills, irrelevant documents, expired coupons, credit card offers, etc.


Toss out expired products
It’s time you give your refrigerator, pantry, medicine cabinet and storage spaces, a breather. Not only will you eliminate unnecessary junk, but also make more room for the stockpiling needed during this time.

Edit your closet
Comb through your wardrobe and figure out what you don’t wear anymore, or perhaps you’ve worn too much. Sort your closet and toss the items you’ve grown out of.

No time for hoarding
The final step into decluttering successfully is trusting yourself to not hoard again. Living minimally can give you peace of mind and more room for things that are bona fide important.

There is no better time than now to conquer the clutter you have been living with. What you really need is a couple of hours, good music and a fixated head space to sail through your organization process. There’s no better bliss than minimal living. While most people require decluttering, there are some in dire need of more space.

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