Odyssey of Nesting

Odyssey of Nesting

Made from straw or mud – concrete or wood – a home is what makes our living so good! Doing up the home décor, constructing a building, or designing a home always has a belief or philosophy hidden, which is avid from the different house architecture we see world-wide. Right from the sky-scrapers to boat houses, from row-houses to thatched roof homes, every architecture is built in a way to stay in tandem with the society and keep an order.
It is there to represent a beautiful space of living. If we take a deeper and keener look at the varied abodes across the globe we see that these are either constructed based on the climate, space, custom, or other conditions.




Siheyuan – China







To bring in a few: in the poles or the colder areas of the globe, there are people living in Igloos rather concrete dwellings – the reason behind is scientific. The house architecture is planned so because low roofed houses tend to keep the hot air low and make the home warmer, hence the Igloos are small in construction. In other lesser cold regions like Switzerland, the houses are built based on the varied climate, this includes their infrastructure too. Coming to earthquake prone areas like Japan – there are buildings constructed on wood as the impact of the quake will be less on the wooden constructions resulting less damage to the inhabitant and the home itself. Populated areas like New York, there are sky scrapers as there is scarcity of land.


Thatching – Africa


Dentoutekina – Japan

The Chinese are very particular of the color while doing the home décor, hence one can see the high usage of black and golden colors. Dragons and Pagodas are a part of the Chinese miniature. In countries like Africa, one can see thatched roof houses. This is merely set for sustainability and longevity. On date, though we have different constructions, varied architecture, and diverse technology used in the building construction – everything boils down to having a philosophy behind building a home. As Mr. Surendra Hiranandani, Founder and Managing Director of House of Hiranandani rightly says,” Every House celebrates the myriad aesthetic perspectives, emotions and philosophy that eventually get associated with it”

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