Pet Friendly Homes

Pet Friendly Homes

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” by Anatole France.

When it comes to keeping our pets comfortable in the limited space, we often find ourselves in a though situation. However, owning a pet doesn’t have to be restricted by space constraints. This is especially true when it comes to Hiranandani apartments, where space is never an issue. With Hiranandani’s spacious apartments, pet owners can provide their furry friends with ample room to play, relax, and thrive. So, if you have the will to own a pet, Hiranandani’s apartments offer the perfect solution to make both you and your pet happy.
Here are some tips to remodel your living space to live comfortably with your cute little furry friends:



If you are fond of fishes, but concerned about the space constraint you’ll face in accommodating the aquarium, opt for a small table top aquarium which offers the twin facility of growing trees as well as homing your fishes in your restroom.




Convert a small area in your house into a stylish hangout arena for your pup. All you need is a soft mattress for your dog to lie comfortably.



There are many ways to give your cat its own place in your home. You can use a fruit net and cover it with a pillow and place it under the chair. You can also sensibly utilize the empty space under your bed to create a cosy seat.

Choose pet-friendly furniture


Pets tend to become an important part of our family. Hence, it is important to provide them with a comfortable sitting place of their own, like a couch. This would also ensure that their ‘pet ways’ and fur do not destroy our cherished sofa set. But even then, pets tend to roam around the entire house and try to be comfortable on every piece of furniture around. You need to pay attention to details while selecting a couch:
Shape: Opt for furniture that will not lose shape easily when you lay down after a long day’s work. Consider vertical and rectilinear sofas. This kind of sofa would not be a preferred choice of your furry pets and would be spared for you.
Shade: Pet owners should opt for darker shades.
Material: You could go for materials like micro-fibre, leather, tightly woven tweed and even slipcovers made from perdurable cotton or khaki materials for pet couch. Leather is suggested by some furniture manufacturers to wipe off stains easily. Avoid porous materials such as velour, velvet or linen.

Cleaning of the house

Dog Home

If your pets have a habit of cuddling around you on the sofa or chair, investing in machine-washable slipcovers are just inevitable. Pull out the stray hair by running your hands over the furniture with damp dishwashing gloves on. Some vacuum cleaners also come with Paw Turbo Nozzle which would help you to remove hair from hard to reach places. The Soggy Doggy Doormat’s absorbent fabric cleans paws as pet step inside the house. Make sure to clean the litter box weekly, using mild, unscented dish soap to prevent odour.

You need not splurge a lot to accommodate your perfect companions. With minor changes, they would ‘feel at home’ as much as you do.

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