Stay Home, Stay Safe with House of Hiranandani

The single most important thing we can all do in fighting coronavirus is STAY AT HOME. We’re all aware of how rapidly and easily contagious it is, but the good news is that we can just as easily avoid transmitting it to others, simply by staying at home. When we reduce our day-to-day contact with others, we reduce the risk of spreading the virus, and that is the first step towards safeguarding your well-being and that of others.

Most of us are new to such a situation, one where we are being asked to limit contact with others and live in self-isolation. While quarantine may seem rather unusual or confusing initially, but rest assured, you are doing your best to save lives. In order to make everyday living in quarantine relatively more connected, House of Hiranandani builders are offering support services that help you stay connected during quarantine days and choose the best investment for you –

  • 1. Special support team to address all your home buying requirements – You can connect with House of  Hiranandani’s specially appointed support team who will help you address all your home investment requirements.
  • 2. Online chat support for all real estate related enquiries – You can also choose to chat with the support team who will be able to answer all your real estate related queries, from property amenities to quotations.
  • 3. Google Hangouts or WhatsApp Call/Video Call – Given the current circumstances, an in-person conversation will not be possible. In which case, you can simply get in touch with House of Hiranandani via WhatsApp call or on Google Hangouts. Another easy way to get in touch with House of Hiranandani.
  • 4. 360 degree view of all House of Hiranandani projects – To get an overview of all House of Hiranandani projects, you can also check out a 360 degree view of all the properties for more detailed information.
  • 5. Project video for exploring House of Hiranandani communities – House of Hiranandani is a strong network of families, communities and like-minded individuals. You can explore more about the same through exclusive project videos on the website.

In this testing time, let us all unite to fight this, together. Stay home, stay safe and make the most of your time with your loved ones. The four walls of your house cannot limit your dreams and aspirations. If you are on the lookout for new property investments, now is a good time to do an in-depth research of your choices. Remember, we are only a phone call away, or in this case, just a website click away. In the meantime, practice social distancing and do hundreds of others a lifesaving favour.

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