Things to consider before purchasing a commercial property

If you intend to buy an office space anytime soon, it is important for you to consider the changes that have come about in the real estate market, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown. You should also understand what it takes to successfully invest in a commercial property. Commercial investment is a huge investment and involves more risks than residential investment. So, as a renowned real estate developer in India, we want you to know that it’s vital for you to have a solid understanding of the real estate market, current market trends, potential risks, financial ability, and the possible risk mitigation strategies.

Commercial property investment is a complex process that doesn’t really involve a specific protocol and requires extensive market analysis. To determine the best option, you must go through all the options available to you while considering your specific office requirements. We are one of the known commercial real estate developers in India, and we wish to help you make the right decision by providing you with the list of considerations below, which you should keep in mind while exploring your commercial property options:

Physical condition
To determine the value of a new commercial property, it is important to check its physical condition first, determine how much interior decorating it would require and if any aspects would require remodelling, as per your needs for customizing the space. So, gauge the physical condition of the preferred property and then make a decision accordingly.

The location of the property plays a vital role in driving the success of your business, in terms of its favourability, the distance from end-users, accessibility, and connectivity through all modes of transportation.

It is crucial to put your budget allocation out on the table, so that you can select the property which is better for you. Budget planning is highly significant for a successful investment, else you might end up making financial mistakes.

Restrictions on modifications
Understand that there will be certain restrictions on property modifications based on the laws applicable to it. So, read through the laws before you modify the interiors or exteriors of your property, as per the laws and your requirements.

Infrastructure plays a vital role in defining the value of a property. If developments that enhance connectivity and the overall infrastructure, like electricity and water, are being brought into play, its value will increase.

Expansion or lease-related opportunities
If you ever intend to expand your business, the laws applicable to your property should enable you to find enough people interested in leasing, else it would be a huge financial loss.

Possible purposes
Each property has its own set of lawful purposes. So, before finalizing any property, figuring out what purposes it can be used for is very crucial.

Support services
Support services, like security, lift, and parking, should be thoroughly checked before you buy an office space. If these are not properly monitored or regulated, it can be a hassle for you to operate the business efficiently.

Legal cases
Before making the final decision, you should surely find out if the property you chose is devoid of any legal cases or not. Then, you should re-negotiate or shrug it off accordingly.

Additional costs
Additional hidden costs of a property are related to its maintenance and functioning. You need to estimate these costs before closing the deal.

These factors will enable you to make more informed decisions and avoid all the possible financial and professional hassles that might happen in the future. As a company involved in commercial property development, we believe that your office space is an integral component of your business. So, do not be in a hurry while making the purchase. Make sure that you have done enough and thorough research on the available property options, and only then, take the decision of buying the office property.













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