Tips on How to Grow Money Plants at Home For Prosperity & Wealth

As one of the most prosperous indoor plants to keep at home, there is a lot that goes into making the most of a money plant. Right from its size and built to even the direction it is placed in the house determines how the plant can affect one’s well being. Money plants are renowned to bring good fortune, wealth and abundance to the house.

People often choose to decorate their homes with money plants, not only for the benefits it brings, but also because it can truly enhance the overall appeal and beauty of the home. Let’s look at a few advantages of keeping money plants at home, especially new homes:

  • 1. It energizes the home by purifying and filtering the air, and increasing oxygen inflow. 
  • 2. It absorbs the sun’s harmful radiations and keeps the overall temperature of the house relatively cooler.
  • 3. It neutralizes the negative energies of the house, and reduces stress and anxiety of those who reside there.
  • 4. It activates the positive energy around the house, attracting peace and tranquility.
  • 5. It is believed to bring long lasting friendships and relationships. The heart shaped leaves are testament to that as they attract positivity and longevity.
  • 6. Most importantly, it attracts wealth, thereby empowering prosperity and success for all those who live in the house. 

Money plants are a great addition to a household, especially for those looking to move or buy a new house. However, bringing a money plant home is not the entire job. Knowing how and where to place it can determine how well it can affect your life in that house. Here are some tips:

  • 1. The plant should be placed in the south-east direction of the room or the house. As per Vastu Shastra, this direction is where Lord Ganesha resides and Venus is positioned, both of whom are known to attract wealth and remove obstacles from the house. 
  • 2. Avoid placing the money plant on the north or east wall of the house, which is usually not recommended. 

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