Top 5 Luxury Home Design Trends

Top 5 Luxury Home Design Trends

If you look back over the last year, you’ll realize the rate at which home decor trends have kept changing. The beginning of 2017 was all about metallic designs, the mismatching trend, geometric designs, sustainable furniture and more. We’re now halfway through 2017 and new trends have already started to emerge. Many of these trends seem to be an amalgamation of the aesthetics that came before. Adding some of these newer design accents will ensure your home looks current and on point.

Modern living room grey couch

Here are our picks of the top 5 luxury home design trends that could give your home that unique look:

  1. Mixed Metals: Trending metals in the recent past were brass and copper. However, a set of new metals have now emerged; metals such as chrome, nickel, antique brass & oil-rubbed bronze. A combination of two or three of these metals in the form of artefacts, lamps, show pieces & more are a great way to add highlights to your living space. This trend is easy to execute as it’s really all about making additions to your home.

Modern style bronze decoration lamps lampshades

  1. Dimensional Textures – The perfect living room is all about creating a balanced blend of various aesthetics. Currently, the most exciting decor styles that you should try are ‘Industrial’ which comprises of raw metals and unfinished wood, ‘South-western’, i.e, cowhide rugs & desert plants and ‘Scandinavian’ which uses bleached Nordic wood and linen upholstery. After a little trial-&-error you could find a perfect combination of the above textures to give your home a unique look.

Leather sofa white room

  1. Natural Charm – Terracotta may not be widely used (except for roof tiling in older homes) but it’s gaining more recognition amongst those who aspire a natural touch. They look great as floor tiling and accent walls. Another unique material that you could add is cork, on walls and tables, as this material has a great capacity for absorbing sound.

Two antique wooden chairs traditional taiwanese

  1. Modern Minimalism – A trend that still survives because of its ideology, the modern minimalist home is all about creating more from less space. You can undo your large furniture by opting for foldable beds, tables, storage spaces and more. Also, pillars and archways can be great spaces to utilize.

Modern loft bedroom 3d render

  1. Furniture as art – All furniture pieces have the same function. What makes the difference, however, is the uniqueness of their design and aesthetic. An unusual sofa, chair or table can make the living room look modern and timeless at the same time. The choice of design plays an important role here and it’s all about adding that unique piece to that chosen corner.

Decorative wall reading corner modern interior

We encourage home owners to give some (or all) of these trends a try. At the very least, they can act as the perfect starting point for further improvisations, inspiring you to craft your own unique home décor style.

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