Top Five Reasons That Make Kalyan a Realty Hotspot

Kalyan has emerged as a sought-after real estate hotspot, attracting investors and homebuyers alike. With its wide range of properties, including flats, villas, and commercial spaces, Kalyan offers a promising real estate market. 

In this blog, we will explore the top five reasons that make Kalyan an appealing choice for real estate investment, with a focus on flats in Kalyan, properties in the area, the new project House of Hiranandani Kalyan, and the growth potential of the city.


1. Growing Demand for Flats in Kalyan: One of the primary factors driving Kalyan’s real estate market is the growing demand for flats in the city. With its strategic location and affordability, Kalyan offers a wide range of residential options to cater to various budget ranges and preferences.

Kalyan provides housing options to suit every need. The availability of housing and the potential for high returns on investment have contributed to the increasing popularity of flats in Kalyan.

With exquisite properties like House of Hiranandani Kalyan offers luxurious and well-designed residential options in an impeccable setting. 

House of Hiranandani Kalyan boasts a prime location on the Bhiwandi-Kalyan road, excellent connectivity, and top-notch amenities. The project is built with a focus on architectural excellence as all apartments boast of balconies. The stunning apartment complex comprises 3 grand towers with large windows & feature a spacious & efficient layout.

2. Wide Range of Properties in Kalyan: Kalyan offers ample residential properties at affordable prices. It offers a variety of apartments, ranging from compact studios to spacious multi-bedroom units thus catering to different preferences and budgets.

For those seeking more space and privacy, Kalyan provides options for luxurious villas with modern amenities and ample green spaces. You can also find villas that allow residents to enjoy the freedom of their own outdoor areas.Kalyan  presents numerous opportunities for businesses with retail spaces available in shopping complexes and high-street locations. It has well-designed office spaces, providing professional settings for companies of various sizes and industries.

3. Infrastructural Developments in Kalyan: Ongoing and upcoming projects like the Kalyan Ring Road and improved transportation networks like the upcoming metro project, the proposed 16-lane 126-km long Alibaug-Virar multimodal corridor, the Bhiwandi-Kalyan corridor, and recently inaugurated two additional railway lines will enhanced connectivity within the city and with neighbouring areas.

The presence of social infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centres further contributes to the city’s appeal.

4. Proximity to Employment Hubs and Educational Institutions: Kalyan is close to the major employment hub, Thane as well as to the textile and logistics sectors of Bhiwandi. It is also situated in proximity to a bustling business hub, Navi Mumbai that houses several corporate offices and IT parks.

Whether you are looking for a CBSE board, SSC board or ICSE school, it has it all!. It is also home to various reputed schools like St. Lawrence International School, Podar International School, St. Xavier’s International School and many more.


5. Future Growth and Appreciation Potential: Kalyan’s real estate market holds promising future growth and appreciation potential. The city’s ongoing development projects, improving infrastructure and its position as an emerging residential and commercial hub contributes to its long-term prospects.

Residential properties in Kalyan West typically cost around INR 5,910 per square foot. Moreover, the increasing property values in the area provide an additional advantage for investors. In terms of price appreciation, Kalyan has witnessed an increase of 1.5% in the past 1 year, 8.7% in 3 years, and 7% in the last 5 years.

Whether you are an investor seeking high returns or a homebuyer looking for a convenient and vibrant location, Kalyan presents an array of opportunities. We hope these five reasons helped you get a better idea of why Kalyan has turned out to be a realty hotspot.

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