Discover the epitome of luxurious living at House of Hiranandani Kalyan. Located in the vibrant city of Kalyan, our exquisite residential development offers a range of meticulously designed 1BHK and 2BHK homes, setting new standards in elegance and comfort.

At House of Hiranandani, we believe in creating exceptional living spaces that blend modern architecture with nature's serenity. Our Kalyan project is no exception, as it provides residents with a harmonious environment to unwind and create lasting memories.



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    A Destination of Charm and Progress

    The Bhiwandi – Kalyan corridor is one that is rapidly booming into a residential Favorite among new home buyers. This unique locale, adorned by hills and scenic beauty, is slowly proving to be a center of growth thanks to accelerated commercialization and industrialization that has also boosted the housing demand. With House of Hiranandani making its entry into this micro-market, the city’s skyline is sure to have a landmark worth enough to transform the entire neighborhood.

    Time To Get Ahead

    Located on the Bhiwandi-Kalyan Road, about 2.5 km from Ranjnoli Junction, 15 km from Majiwada, 20 km from Mulund East, the project enjoys easy accessibility to Mumbai, Thane and other developed areas of Maharashtra with ready and upcoming infrastructure. The connectivity to the national highway and state highway gives the location an added advantage, wherein the Mumbai-Agra Highway provides seamless connectivity to various parts of the country.

    With robust local transport to places of prominence, reaching one's destination of interest is absolutely trouble-free.

    Office Commute Is Easier Than You Think

    A popular business hub and Mumbai's commercial city center, Bandra-Kurla Complex will soon enjoy better accessibility from Bhiwandi-Kalyan Corridor, with the construction of a new metro line 5 which is expected to start by 2025. The upcoming metro project, which is currently under development, will connect Bhiwandi-Kalyan to the bustling Bandra-Kurla Complex, making the office commute significantly easier and more convenient for thousands of commuters. This improved accessibility is expected to not only reduce travel time and ease traffic congestion but also boost economic activity in both areas.

    For A Progressive Tomorrow

    When it comes to real estate investment an option with higher appreciation at a lower price is most preferable. And when it comes from a brand that has proved to give various cities some of its iconic landmarks, the opportunity is worth it all.

    Bhiwandi-Kalyan corridor -The Wise Choice

    The two micro-markets - Bhayandarpada on Ghodbunder Road and Bhiwandi-Kalyan Corridor, have almost similar connectivity, distance and travel time. But they have a price differential of approximately 50% making Bhiwandi-Kalyan Corridor an attractive option for home buyers. Both locations have under-construction metro routes, which will reduce the travel time. Hence, Bhiwandi-Kalyan Corridor is considered to be a better location for residential property buyers.

    The Bhiwandi-Kalyan Corridor is an attractive investment destination owing to the enhancement of social and physical infrastructure and the development of significant regional residential projects. Also, due to the limited availability of land in Thane city for developments in the future, this corridor is emerging as a popular choice for developers and home buyers.

    Rental Yield Comparision

    The Kalyan area, specifically the Bhiwandi-Kalyan Corridor, is experiencing a surge in demand for residential properties. This rising demand can be attributed to several factors, including social infrastructure improvements and the presence of adjoining warehouse and industrial clusters. As a result, individuals seeking better living conditions in proximity to their workplaces are increasingly opting for rental housing in this region.

    One of the prominent options for those looking for flats or properties in Kalyan is the House of Hiranandani. Their offerings provide an ideal solution for individuals in search of high-quality residential spaces. With its strategic location in Kalyan West, House of Hiranandani caters to the growing demand for flats in the area.

    Additionally, investing in properties or flats for sale in Kalyan West holds significant potential for rental yields. The rental market in this micro-market is robust and constantly expanding, with potential rental yields of up to 4%. This growth presents an attractive opportunity for individuals interested in real estate investments.

    By choosing House of Hiranandani Kalyan, individuals can secure a well-designed and comfortable living space while enjoying the benefits of being in close proximity to their workplaces. Whether it's the convenience of nearby social infrastructure or the presence of flourishing industrial clusters, this region offers a favorable environment for both residents and investors.

    Kalyan's Newest Residential Marvel

    The House of Hiranandani in Kalyan is more than just a place to live - it's a gateway into an era of sheer joy. It's where modern luxuries meet timeless elegance, creating an environment that elevates your everyday living to an art form.

    The neoclassical architecture - grand columns, detailed friezes, and stately symmetry, is more than just an aesthetic choice. It is a celebration of history and elegance, seamlessly woven into the fabric of contemporary living.

    Designing Communities To Inspire Holistic Living

    At House of Hiranandani, customer delight is the core of our every project.

    It is our constant endeavor to integrate every family into an inclusive community.

    Every township designed by the House of Hiranandani is a perfect mix of creative imagination, fine craftsmanship and artistic designs.

    We associate with the best of brands to help us deliver homes that inspire good life and harmonious living. And this commitment of ours leads us in transforming skylines and creating landmarks.

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