Today we are proud to state that consciously we have struck a harmonious balance between the inevitable need for urbanization and responsibility towards sustainability. Our radical solutions in green planning engage, inspire and motivate citizens. Through afforestation and horticulture practices we have incorporated handpicked species of plants in our landscaped gardens for a peaceful welcome of rare birds and their habitations. Scientists have heavily researched on the species to create a friendly habitat for their existence. At the same time we have made conscious effort to leave large open spaces for the growth of healthy mind and ecosystem. Our organic growth embodies design ingenuity, connection to place, imagination and above all environmental sustainability. We put our genuine efforts towards exemplary green practices through our intuitive planning and futuristic thinking for a sustainable future.


As a brand, House of Hiranandani has always focused majorly on sustainability and the well-being of Nature, with its numerous green initiatives introduced in all the townships. All the projects are built in harmony with nature. As a brand we have planted over 60,000 trees, old wells in every development are protected & we have undertaken restoration of natural flora & fauna like the restoration of kavesar lake at Hiranandani Estate, Thane.

And now taking our commitment towards the environment to the next level, introducing our sustainability initiative– TOMORROW MATTERS. An initiative through which we aim to create a better tomorrow for generations to come by aligning our sustainability goals for the next 5 years.


Energy Smart : Discover homes designed for a sustainable tomorrow. Our projects prioritize energy-efficient solutions, from efficiently planned layouts which ensure maximum sunlight & ventilation to smart lighting & solar panels, ensuring a greener and more energy-conscious lifestyle for you and the planet. We aim to create a capacity of 70 million kWh of renewable energy through solar panels and 100% provision of EV charging on podium & stilt ground level parking.

Grow Green : Experience the harmony of nature within our communities. Tomorrow matters, so we commit to lush green spaces, tree-lined avenues, and sustainable landscaping. Breathe in the freshness of a home surrounded by nature. We commit to planting 25,000 trees in the next 5 years which will help us conserve biodiversity.

Waste Wise : Be a part of the solution. Our waste management system is designed to minimize the environmental impact. Join us in the mission to reduce plastic waste through recycling initiatives,and convert wet waste into organic compost ensuring a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone. We aim to responsibly handle and recycle up to 18,000 kgs of plastic waste in the next 5 years, preventing its accumulation in landfills Along with it we aim to Implement efficient waste management practices, transforming wet waste into a valuable resource by creating capacity to produce over 34 lakh kgs of organic compost in the next 5 years.

Eco-Enlighten : Empower yourself with knowledge that shapes a sustainable future. Our Tomorrow Matters campaign goes beyond homes; it's an educational journey. Engage in workshops, webinars, and community initiatives that promote eco-friendly practices for generations to come. We aim to equip 1,00,000 individuals in the next 5 years with actionable knowledge on sustainability and empower them to reduce their carbon footprints.
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Disclaimer: The Layout details, Amenities, Facilities mentioned throughout the website are a combination of artists impression, images shot at the location and rendered images as visualised by artists for reference purposes only. These details are subject to modifications, amendments, alterations, revisions at the sole discretion of the Developer without any prior notice. Images displayed on the website in respect to the details of the properties/projects, furniture, fixtures, accessories, etc are indicative in nature to convey the concept and vision of the development and are for Illustrative purposes only. *Prices are subject to change at Developer’s discretion and without prior notice. The website consists of an enquiry form, upon submitting the same the proposed user shall receive text messages and emailers regarding the latest updates in reference to all the properties/projects of House of Hiranandani. All Specifications pertaining to residential/ commercial premises/unit shall be in the terms of the Agreement for Sale executed between the Parties. T&C Applicable.

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