5 Diwali Décor Hacks For Your Home

India is a land of diverse culture where people welcome every festival and custom with open arms, be it cutting a fruitcake on Christmas Day or lighting diyas on Diwali. The colorful rangoli, the mellow lights of lit diyas and sweets instantly transports us back to a time of nostalgia that echoed of fun-filled laughter with cousins and a hearty conversation with the elders.

While Diwali and other festivals alike come and go every year, it has become increasingly difficult for us to take time out of our busy schedule to decorate our homes and give them a festive feel.

However, numerous DIY experts have joined hands with interior designers to give your posh luxury apartments a festive feel. Not only are the techniques innovative but completely doable within a small budget

Get Creative with Your Fairy Lights

Lights are synonymous with Diwali so it is only fair that you find novel ways to light up your room. Fairy lights are not only expensive but also a brilliant way to give your apartment a delightful twist. You can string them on the wall or put them in a jar to experiment with the aesthetics.

Change the Tone of Your Lights

While the white light from regular tube lights produce a dreary and sterile ambiance, warm, mellow, yellow lights on the other hand, give a somber feel to the room and make it more festive. For the festive few days, you can think about switching to soft yellow lights in the evening to give a more festive feel to your room. Alternatively, you can also make DIY lamp shades with small glass pieces and acrylic colors that would guarantee a more authentic Indian aesthetic.

Many new projects in OMR Chennai are taking up the initiative to decorate the apartments as a whole with a greater participation from the flat members to embellish the housing complexes with lights and decorations.

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