5 Home Automation Technologies to Upgrade Your Home

5 Home Automation Technologies to Upgrade Your Home

The 21st Century is the age of seamless technology. Everything is connected; physical networks are slowly fading and entering the advent of the digital age, our homes are no exception. The ‘Internet of things’ a physical network of devices armed with sensors and software to connect and run the physical structures around us, from the lighting in our homes to the very air we breathe, is already redefining our homes. Home automations systems are trending all over the world.

Here are a few new automation technologies you need to know:

Smart Outlets:

Gone are the days when the power usage in our homes went unsupervised. With the amount of electric appliances we use every day, not only monitoring our power usage but also conserving energy becomes important. Not only this, you can configure your smart outlets to control your appliances from your smart phones, so if you forget to switch off the lights or are worried about your geyser, smart outlets will save you the stress. With a great variety of options available in the market, these outlets will change the way you manage your home.

Hi-tech speakers:

Speakers are no longer about just playing songs; they’ve become multifunctional to the point of managing your homes. Devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are great examples of this. These speakers don’t just play music, they respond to your commands, book your cabs and movie tickets, control the lighting in your home, maintain your to-do lists and much more. They are smart devices that make your life easier.

Robot Cleaners:

In India, we depend on house help or housekeeping services to maintain our homes. Not only do we assign a budget for them, we are more often than not, unsatisfied with the result. Robot Cleaners become game changers for us. The newer models, particularly iRobot Roomba and Dyson 360 are intelligent devices that not only clean your floor, they also sterilize them and sense when a part of the floor requires power cleaning.

Home Controllers:

Home Controllers have evolved from home security systems. These controllers control your home temperature, manage power consumption, keep your home secure and prevent mishaps in your home; these could be gas leaks and water leakage. All you need to do is connect the controller to your smart phone and you can manage your home in the palm of your hand.

Hue lighting:

Hue lighting is personal LED lighting which is automated to change according to your needs. This light senses your mood and changes accordingly. More importantly, these are healthy lights that don’t emit UV rays and understand your behaviour to function accordingly. If you are hosting a party, they brighten up and change the ambiance to suit the mood of the party; similarly if you fall asleep the lighting dims and fades out.

Most people tend to hesitate when it comes to home automation because the technology tends to be expensive and intimidating; we fear the unknown. However, Hiranandani Aralia offers all that function just as effectively. These alternatives have made home automation more accessible and affordable for homeowners.

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