5 Reasons Why Bannerghatta is The Best Location to Buy A Home

5 Reasons Why Bannerghatta is The Best Location to Buy A Home

Bengaluru is the technological capital of India. Every day, you see hordes of people converging on this city to earn a living by working in the many IT firms situated all over the city. Bannerghatta in Bengaluru is the hub of IT Companies and is the most viable solution if you are planning to buy a home. Let us now look at five reasons why Bannerghatta is the best location to buy a home.

1. Hub of Development – One of the most convenient locations
Today, you see a lot of road widening projects taking place in Bannerghatta. There are plans to construct flyovers and other arterial roads to ease the traffic snarls around Bannerghatta. Therefore, you find a flurry of activity in and around Bannerghatta. Traffic jams will soon be a thing of the past. The proposed metro station is just 5 mins away, making it even more convenient to commute. Hence, convenience wise, and location wise, Bannerghatta is the right place to invest in a home.

2. Presence of MNCs and IT Companies
Various MNCs and IT companies are setting up business in Bannerghatta. Automatically, it leads to the development of real estate in the area. Buy a house in Bannerghatta and stay close to the place where you work. Within 30 mins drive are IT giants like Infosys, Wipro, Siemens, HSBC, HP, Accenture, Honeywell, Oracle, & EY. You save tremendous hours commuting from home to office and back under such circumstances. It will give you more time to spend with your family thereby improving your overall efficiency as well at the same time.

3. Proposed Retail Hub
As a result of the spurt in real estate development in Bannerghatta, you see the springing up of various malls, restaurants, cinema theatres, and other places of entertainment for people. The connectivity between Bannerghatta and other parts of the city is improving. Bannerghatta is becoming a retail hub. Proximity to Royal Meenakshi mall & Vega city mall makes it an ideal location to live in. Hence, you see various real estate developers such as the House of Hiranandani setting up projects in Bannerghatta Road. It presents you with the best opportunity to invest in the House of Hiranandani projects in Bengaluru.

4. Social Infrastructure
Another advantage of investing in real estate in Bannerghatta is the proximity to educational institutions. Over the years, this area has seen a spurt in the growth of educational institutions such as IIM Bangalore, and other prominent schools and colleges in the locality prompting people to look out for flats for sale in Bannerghatta Road.

Healthcare is a vital aspect of human life. You have some of the best hospitals in Bengaluru such as Fortis, Apollo, Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology, and others in the vicinity. These hospitals provide the best of health care to the Bengaluru residents. Easy access to such quality health services is one of the reasons for the House of Hiranandani, Bangalore to invest in real estate in a big way in Bannerghatta.

5. Green spaces
Buying a house in Bannerghatta is beneficial because you get the opportunity to be as close to Nature as possible. The Bannerghatta Zoo and wildlife sanctuary in the neighbourhood ensures a tremendous green cover to the entire surroundings. As compared to other locations in Bengaluru, Bannerghatta is the greenest of them all. Hence, investing in a house in an environmentally friendly location is one of the advantages.

We have seen five compelling reasons for you to invest in Bannerghatta. The right time to invest in an apartment in Bannerghatta Road is now. Explore projects by the House of Hiranandani at Bannerghatta now & take a wise decision.

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