5 Surprising Ways Home Decor Can Boost Your Happiness

Expressing yourself is something that everyone loves to do, in their little way. All the time you spend at home in today’s time has given people a newfound interest in home decor. After all, making one’s space feel like a sanctuary is important. Surrounding yourself with things of beauty has a great effect on you. It makes one feel at home, and they say, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” – we wholeheartedly agree.

The home decor we choose to display usually signifies something deeper to us. Maybe we display a memoir from our travels, a photograph that represents fond memories, or something beautiful we found on the internet. Many of us have even tried DIY decor projects, and we proudly display them, as well. Having a home to display all your wares is lovely, and an independent home offers you a lot of space to decorate. You should consider purchasing open plots in cities like Hyderabad, or other metros, to build your own home.

Let us tell you about 5 surprising ways in which home decor can have a wonderfully positive effect on your happiness.
1. Colors, And Their Effects On Our Moods

Colors have a powerful effect on how one feels. It’s commonly known that cooler tones like greens and blues have a wonderful calming effect on you. It is also widely known that yellows, reds, and oranges tend to make one feel energized. The decor is closely tied to colors, and it affects how one feels. A blue-tinged picture frame is bound to make you feel calm, and a snapshot of fire, or art depicting flames is sure to make you feel amped up.

Neutral tones add a relaxing touch, and woody tones add a nostalgic, warming feel.
Pink tones in a home add a feminine and soft vibe, and blues and greys add a masculine one.

Choose decor that you resonate with, and make sure you put tranquil art in the bedroom and exciting artwork in the living room and study.

2. Textures Can Make You Feel Happy And Content, Too!

We all love the feeling of a soft blanket, do we not? Having soft, woolly, and cottony textures around you gives us the feeling of being coddled and helps make one feel truly comfortable in our homes. Opt for throws and accent pillows in soft and luxurious fabrics to make sure your home always feels cozy and brings about happy feelings in you, and everyone who comes over!
Also opt for wall decor that incites that same fuzzy feeling!

3. Plants Spread Positive Vibes All Around The Home

In the past few years, the many benefits of houseplants have become increasingly popular. This explains why most of us at least have a money plant at home! We think one must have plants at every part of the home, as being around nature is bound to make one feel one with it. Growing plants has a wonderful effect on all members of a household, from young kids to older people. It is also known that plants have air-purifying properties that make sure the air you are breathing is pure and invigorating. Snake plants, pothos, fiddle leaf figs and ZZ plants are all great options!

4.  Lighting Is Key!

A home that is dark and dingy can affect your sense of happiness and well-being. A well-lit home aids in feelings of contentment, and truly makes a space come alive. Good lighting will make sure that your home is well lit long after the sun has set. We suggest making sure that you have ample mood lighting for evenings, and ample light even when you may need to work in the evening. Pretty lights can make you feel happy to be home!

5. Feng Shui And Vaastu Ensure Happiness As Well


The ancient principles of Vaastu and Feng Shui make sure that you stay prosperous and content for years to come. Both of these ancient practices are rooted in a deep sense of natural processes, polarities, and wisdom from the years gone by. From making sure your furniture is placed in the right direction, to ensuring the artwork, colors, and placements for furniture are conducive to your life, Feng Shui and Vaastu have a pretty set range of rules that you can bank on.

For example, both offer insights on how to allow ample flow of positive energy, how to make sure everything is facing the right direction, and how to build a home that is conducive to a prosperous and healthy life.

Make sure you decorate your home with intent and choose colors and home decor items that truly resonate with you and your aesthetic sensibilities. A larger home or a home in a newer apartment complex is a great bet for those who are particular about the home’s look and feel. There are lots of plots for sale and new housing projects in Chennai such as Octavius Verona at OMR by the House of Hiranandani which should be on your watchlist!

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