5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Monsoon

5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Monsoon

Without a doubt, the monsoon is the season that all of India awaits with the most anticipation. After the long, scorching summer, the rainy season comes as a relief and a refreshing surge of optimism for the country. During the rains, the cities and countryside alike are transformed into lush green paradises. Temperatures drop and you feel an attachment with the Nature. Just imagine how pleasurable it will be to sit at the window and enjoy nature from the window of your home. For example, the view from any one of House of Hiranandani’s apartments in Chennai or villas in Bangalore, is beautiful and breathtaking.

However, this pleasure comes at a cost as the rainy season may cause some damage to your house. The most vulnerable areas in your house are the walls, the roof or ceiling and furniture. Therefore, before the monsoon sets in, you must consider these 5 preventive measures to rain-proof your home.

Paint before the Onset of the Monsoon

It is very important to paint the walls of your house in the correct manner. All the outdoor painting should be completed before the arrival of monsoon. Another key point is ensuring protection against the rainwater seeping through the walls. It is recommended to use waterproof paints and the addition of a water sealant, which works as a protective layer on concrete walls.

Repair all Doors and Windows

In order to avoid the rusting of doors and seepage through them, it’s a good idea to ensure that metal-framed doors and windows are repainted. Before the monsoons, call a carpenter to fix the doors and windows because during rainy season these swell up and it becomes difficult to shut them properly.

Conduct Effective Pest Control

During monsoon, lot of insects come out of hibernation, so it is important to keep a check on them. Termites, ants and many other types of insects can cause damage to your houses. Consult an expert or a pest control service to get rid of the insects.

Look After Furniture and Fabric

Fungus or termites can infest furniture and wooden finishes, including cupboards, railings, chairs and tables and even fabrics and leather. Some natural ways to protect against fungus and termites are to put camphor balls, neem leaves or cloves in the cupboards and closets to protect clothes and other valuable items from dampness. Ensure you clean the cupboards and closets often with dry clothes or vacuum throughout the wet season.

Check All Electricals

Before the onset of monsoons, call an electrician and get all electrical connections and outside electric switches checked. To avoid risks of electric shock or short-circuit, cover these switches with any water resistant material.

Most of our apartments in Bangalore & Chennai are monsoon-ready houses. These apartments are designed and built keeping in mind the onslaught of the various season. We at House of Hiranandani hope that these tips will help you prepare home for the monsoon.

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