Wall décor ideas for 2 bhk flats in hebbal

5 Wall Decor Ideas To Brighten Up Your Living Space

You’ve moved into a new space, the furniture is set, the closet is in place, and the kitchen tiles match each other, but what about the walls? Decorating a wall may often seem like you have limited options. On the contrary, with only a few accents on the wall, some brilliant space utilization ideas and lots of enthusiasm, you can transform the way your home looks. If you’ve been struggling with how to modify your blank wall beyond just painting, then here are a few super fun and smart ways to liven up your walls –

1. Start with a single wall
Start with a single wall
Pick a wall – it could be in the living room, the aisle, the kitchen corridor, over your bed or even outside the entrance. Decorating one wall instead of all will make it stand out among the rest and instantly command attention. Remember, less is more.

2. Floating shelves
Floating shelves
Another great, non-bulky way of livening up your wall space is by installing floating shelves and the possibilities are endless when it comes to styling it. A floating shelf is a new and modern way of holding household items; at the same time, it adds a level of sophistication to wall décor. They don’t take up too much space, don’t require a lot of effort and definitely don’t look dated and boring.

3. Lights and mirrors
Lights and mirrors
Gone are the days when lights were restricted to ceilings and mirrors only in bathrooms. The easiest way to make your living space appear bigger and brighter is if you install some mirrors and lights in it. Use some string lights, statement lamps and big gilded mirrors on the wall to manipulate reflections and enhance the impact of natural light in the room.

4. Hangings, fixtures and art installations
Hangings, fixtures and art installations
Today, a combination of anything and everything can be deemed as modern abstract art. Use frames, polaroids, paintings, murals, planters, record collections, rugs, instruments, cutlery and even dismantled pieces up on the wall to set the mood of the room. Make it appear tasteful by choosing pieces that are in sync with each other and reflect your lifestyle.

5. Don’t forget to use the ceiling
Don’t forget to use the ceiling
A sorely neglected part of a living space, ceilings are merely just an extension of the wall and should also be used to refine the look of your room. For instance, use a different color or pattern on your ceiling. You can also use different materials such as bamboo or wooden beams on the ceiling to give it a rustic effect.

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