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5 ways to make the most of Work From Home during quarantine

Over the past couple of days, in some cases weeks, working from home has become the new normal. Remote working has gradually gone from being company-specific to now country-wide, as the government tries to contain the spread of COVID-19. Businesses are urging their employees to work from home in an attempt to control the escalation of the coronavirus and protect their employees from being infected, thereby helping those around them as well.

Now, working from home full-time, could be a refreshing change for a few, but as it turns out, many are finding it to be challenging and counterproductive. Lucky for you, we’ve got some easy to execute tricks to keep you from falling asleep in the middle of a working (from home) day –

Designated Workspace
One of the biggest challenges of working from home is keeping your work and home lives separate. The first step towards making the most of your time working at home – Find yourself a desk, a corner or any designated area in the house that is comfortable, relatively quiet, has access to the WiFi and plug points, and natural lighting. This can be your DESK for as long as you work from home as it gives you a sense of working at your own office desk.

Define working hours and stick to them
You’ll get your best work done only when you know you are working for a set number of hours in a day. If you leave your working hours open ended, you might just end up working the entire day for fragments of hours, splitting your focus and feeling lethargic. Even if you don’t pick the same time schedule as your office timing, make sure you define a set schedule for yourself and stick to it.

Take breaks and include physical activity
Coffee breaks during office hours is probably your way of catching a breather in between meetings and presentations in the office. At home, you are way more relaxed and it’s easier to feel demotivated and drowsy, which is why it is important to take breaks in every few hours and try to include some stretches or physical activity to keep your body active and energetic.

Communicate with colleagues
Currently, most of us are working from home and going full remote may have caused a few bumps along with the way. Communication is the easiest way to move past any sort of confusion – especially with your reporting managers or team heads. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your colleagues to clarify details, understand agendas or simply chat. This situation is equally new for everyone.

Dress the part
This may seem redundant in many ways, but make no mistake, dressing appropriately can instantly uplift your mood and serve as a sign to wake up and get things done. You don’t have to put on a tie or match your earrings to your outfit; just the simple act of dressing suitably can instill confidence and prepare you for the day ahead.

Given the importance of staying at home under the current circumstances, these tips can come in very handy. What may have started off as a precautionary measure has now turned into a necessity. With that in mind, the House of Hiranandani developers have ensured that all precautionary measures are taken to keep everyone safe and protected, at the same time create a healthy and comfortable environment in all homes for productive work-from-home days. Stay home, stay safe, stay connected.

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