6 Reasons Why Investing in 1 BHK Apartment is Trending in Bangalore

The city of Bangalore is one that is truly a medley of heritage and cutting edge companies that are bringing in the future. Bangalore’s charm is inimitable, and it is a city that attracts people from all over the country. It is as cosmopolitan as any major city of the world, and it is therefore no surprise that wanting to own a home in Bangalore is now a major decision for many young people in the country. For a first home, perhaps a starter home, or a 1 BHK. With good reason, We can tell you just why investing in an apartment in Bengaluru is on a lot of people’s minds. Here’s why:

Bangalore Has Wonderful Open Spaces:
Open spaces can be a rarity in the big cities of India. Bangalore is an amazing exception to this, though. From Cubbon Park to NIMHANS, there are many open spaces to enjoy the outdoors. So it makes sense that you’d want a home that allows you to enjoy as much open space as possible. Hiranandani has lots of projects all over Bangalore that give you the chance to experience fresh air, greenery and enjoy walks, such as Hiranandani Bannerghatta.

1. Bangalore’s Got Even More Scope for Growth:

While it is by no means still an “upcoming” city, Bangalore is still on the path to growing more and more. As newer companies sprout and grow, so does the scope for opportunity. So buying a 1 BHK in Devanahalli, or an area such as Bannerghatta, or even Hebbal, is always going to give you a stellar return on investment.

2. Bangalore Has Great Accessibility:

Clean and brand new metros, wide roads, the super convenient ring road, and many connecting routes, Bangalore has got them all. So whether you live in a 1 BHK in a building such as House of Hiranandani Queensgate, or one in House of Hiranandani Devanahalli, you will easily reach your place of work, several malls and even the numerous parks.

3. Bangalore Offers Better Bang For Your Buck:

While metros such as Delhi and Mumbai do not necessarily offer affordable options, Bangalore offers premium luxury apartments at reasonable rates, in comparison to other metros. Projects by House of Hiranandani offer up apartments for sale in Bangalore that are sure to appreciate in the coming years. If you buy a 1 BHK apartment in Bangalore, it is bound to be a great investment.

4.Bangalore Has Agreeable Weather:

While most of India swelters, Bangalore enjoys quite pleasant weather for most of the year. The pleasant weather makes Bangalore that much more livable, and a wonderful place to live and work.

After all, extreme weather conditions can be a bother for many of us, whether it is cold, or warmth!

5. One of India’s Most Livable Cities

Bangalore’s accessibility, coupled with its cosmopolitan culture, and its rich history make it a city that is extremely livable. Having a 1BHK in Bangalore is a good idea whether you plan to live in it, or rent it out to a tenant. With the rise of development, so comes the rise of convenience, and the need for premium amenities. Invest in a luxury apartment in the city to make the best of your experience.

Many people now wish to buy a 1BHK apartment in Bangalore, and it is definitely a topic that is getting a lot of attention. For working couples, a 1 BHK is the perfect investment, and as the market moves towards purchasing, rather than renting, we suggest you do, too!

Check out House of Hiranandani’s several premium properties in the various areas of the city, before you take the leap! 

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