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7 Furnishing trends to make your house feel like a ‘Home’

Everyone wishes to have their own dream home at some point in their lives, and the emotional value it has, is unparalleled and overwhelming. So, as a real estate developer in India, we fully understand your will to transform your house into a home, which includes tasks, like enlivening your house, on the inside as well as the outside, with beautiful embellishments and essential components. However, a house does not become a ‘home’, unless it feels and looks complete. One of the essential components of a home is furniture, which is something you need to finalize, before you jump into other tasks. So, investing in classy, elegant furnishing that complements the vibe of your home, is of paramount importance. 

The best way to select furniture for your house begins with thorough research on what furniture types are trending, and which one fits your budget as well as your specific requirements. As one of the renowned real estate developers in Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru, we suggest that you choose furniture while considering these factors in mind, as well as the feeling you want to convey in your house. So, here’s some failsafe, exquisite furniture trends that you should choose from, without blinking an eye: 

1. Jungle Patterned Furniture 
The furniture in your house should not be just some objects residing in it. It should speak volumes about your personality, and it should emanate an energy that visitors immediately get intrigued by. Jungle patterned furniture has become a trend. People with a sense of enthusiasm for life are inspired by how it resonates with their wild spirit. It revolves around perfect arrangements of chairs, ottomans, and cabinets with neutral colours, and takes the overall appeal of your home space up a notch.

2. Unique metal furniture
If you obsessively long for furnishings with perfect curves and angles, then unique metal furniture and fittings is something you should definitely consider. It is characterized by the use of metal elements and the metalwork that has been intricately embedded, to magnify the appeal of your room. It comes in several colours that you can choose from, for e.g. silver, gold, or shimmering brass.

3. Antique, traditional furniture
People have become more considerate about their shopping preferences, with the focus shifting to an eco-friendly approach. So, traditional, antique furnishings are getting popular in the market again. It is a great way to ensure that sustainable products are being used in your house. This trend consists of the traditional brown colour, old, vintage shapes and patterns, landscapes in frames and trims that can make the room look well-layered and complete.

4. Artisan-influenced furniture
With artisan-influenced furniture, you can bring a heavenly vibe to your house. It features handcrafted pieces, organic raw materials, and an exquisite aesthetic, which almost makes it look high-end, and incredibly pleasant to one’s eyes.

5. Functional Art
Contemporary furniture and fittings with a collectible design is coming back into fashion. Artists are using traditional elements, such as fibers and ceramics more these days, and designers are incorporating fine art techniques and creating sculptural objects. Young people have started associating themselves with the idea of experiencing an object created by an artist in its entirety, and they relate to the emotions of the artist linked to the object.

6. Menswear-influenced furniture
The vintage neutral colour palette is still preferred by many, but you can take it to another level simply by opting for subtle shapes and textures. The extraordinary design, upholstery made of leather, denim, and velvety fabrics are bound to charm anyone, and imparts a unique appeal to your furniture.

7. Barstool furniture
Since people are shifting from seating to standing, spending more of their time working at counters and tables, bar stools are becoming increasingly popular due to the versatility they offer. They are not limited to kitchen spaces anymore. As a result of this trend, molded shell chairs, Cesca chairs, and bar-long tables are drawing the attention of a lot of people.

There are many other varieties of furnishings that you can surely choose from. However, when it comes to choosing high-end, classy furniture for your home that beautifies the space with a sense of sophistication and immense elegance, you should check out these trends. As one of the premium property development companies around, we highly recommend you take the time and conduct proper research, until you are sure which furnishings you wish to use in your home.

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