Kitchen Trends for Premium Villas & Apartments in Bangalore

7 Genius Kitchen Trends To Try Out This Year

Bid adieu to minimal all-white cabinets, and while you’re at it, say your goodbyes to monochrome palettes and open kitchens too. Make way for some of the coolest new kitchen trends of this year. With innovative ideas and refreshing new designs, here’s a look at the newest kitchen trends that are worth trying –

1. Functional, concealed storage
Functional, concealed storage
A clever storage solution with clean and concealed integration is now the way to go. Simply put, we no longer want anything on display, not even coffee makers on tabletops.

2. Colored cabinets and upholstery
Colored cabinets and upholstery
It’s finally time to shut the door to all-white kitchens. Even if you add just one element of accent color, it can make all the difference. We recommend using color on furniture upholstery, walls, and cabinets or by displaying colored kitchen appliances.

3. Open shelves
Open shelves
This one can be slightly tricky, but if executed tastefully, your kitchen will start appearing light, open and airy in no time. Open shelving is a great way to display your best cutlery and takes barely any effort in maintaining it.

4. Dark hues and vintage décor
Dark hues and vintage décor
Slowly drifting away from white and pastel shades, it is time we start embracing dark hues and their contrasts for furniture and countertops. Throw in some vintage decor elements and you’ve got yourself a perfectly balanced contemporary kitchen.

5. Increased wooden surfaces
Increased wooden surfaces
A timeless and extremely versatile material we all love – Wood is finding its way back into our kitchens, but in the most unique and innovative ways. Create a balanced kitchen tone with wooden surfaces that are creatively put together with glass and metal.

6. No more stand-alone appliances
No more stand-alone appliances
Borrowing purpose from the concealed storage ideas, kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, induction cooktops, ovens and dishwashers are now being seamlessly integrated. Not showcasing your appliances has become the new face of luxury.

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