Add panache to the holiday decor in your heaven

Add panache to the holiday decor in your heaven

In the onset of December, the home is filled with joy, brightness and positivity, thanks to a great mix of vintage and enthusiasm which Christmas brings along…
Christmas need not be a spending of fortune for a catalogue-style perfect décor. You need not even be particularly skilled to make some really lovely festive decorations. A simple celebration with dear and near ones is the underlying essence of Christmas. You can withstand against all the exorbitant costly ornaments available in the market by crafting your own handcrafted decorations. You can try hand painted goblets, spray painted bottles or turn on your old tin can into a Christmas lantern. You can add your own creativity this festive season to give an altogether fresh and originating meaning to your decorative home.

Some creative and interesting tips to decorate your home-
Glittery paper Bells: The sound of the Bell is the most soothing music at Christmas! You can make paper bells with honeycomb bell decoration, glitter spray and some glittering goblets. Hung it on the Christmas tree or on the front door or just above your bed. It will add charm to the festive look.

glitter paper bells

Fairy lights in a glass bowl: A home’s focal point is the living room. An oval shaped glass container can be kept at the center of the room with some sparkling colored stars. Lit up the bowl with fairy lights at the outer edge.

fairt lights glass bowl

Mirror images: Is there any decorated wall or feature of your living room you would feel proud to show off in Christmas? You can place the mirror to reflect the same to create mirror images.



Festive garland: You can also use last year’s Christmas cards to make a festive garland. You can glue your family holiday photographs with strings of beads at the garland edges to bring smiles to your face every time you see it.




Colorful confetti: Overhaul your interior by taping king -sized confetti to your hallway to give it a stylish room of its own.

colourful confetti
Warm Feathers: The most inexpensive feathers can be dipped in gold or silver paint shimmering the back yard.

warm feathers
Mirror effect: Make a small space look bigger by adding string lights to your mirror.

MIirror effect

Sequined backdrop: You can create a sequined pallet photo backdrop for your visitors for a perfect selfie…

sequined backdrop
It’s time to run your imaginations wild and create fabulous decorations alluring the festival without ruining your bank balance.
Let every bit of your house spark this season!!

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