Vastu complaint homes for your 2 BHK Flat in Bangalore

All You Need To Know About Vastu Before Buying A New Home

Over the years, the practice of the ancient Indian architectural science, popularly referred to as Vastu Shastra, has gained immense popularity in the real estate sector. This early study revolves around the movement of earth’s natural energies and elements and how we align our lifestyles to it in order to achieve a more balanced life. Now since there are no hard and fast rules here, many believers insist on investing in homes that are Vastu compliant in an attempt to bring happiness, prosperity, wealth and health to the house.

How to know if the house is Vastu compliant?

Before you invest in a residential property, use this directional guidance to know if it is Vastu compliant –

• Try to find apartments that are not oddly shaped, instead either square or rectangular shaped.
• The entrance of the house is one of the most important aspects to check for Vastu compliance. The best entry is east or north-east, followed by north-west. Avoid south and south-west facing entrances.
• The ideal position of the kitchen should be north-west or south-east, and not directly facing the entrance.
• Select a home where the master bedroom is facing south-west.
• The living room is best placed in the north direction with the heavy furniture set in south or west corners.
• East-facing apartments are the most preferred choices as they are known to attract more natural light, positive energy and power.

Over and above these guidelines, the impact of colors can also be deemed beneficial for those living in the house. Each direction of the house is associated with a particular set of colors related to its respective natural elements. These colors help enhance the effectiveness of the specific direction and what it stands for. For instance, east is associated with sun and fire, hence colors like yellow and pink are most suitable, translating into more prosperity and positive energy. Most importantly, in case of slightly imbalanced energies in a particular direction of the house – colors, lights, shapes can be used as great techniques or remedies to bring the correct balance or alignment.

The best and most convenient approach for those looking for new residential investments is to select a reputed builder that understands the importance of Vastu compliance and aligns its construction accordingly. As such, House of Hiranandani introduces Vastu compliant homes in Bangalore and Chennai. The new projects in Bangalore and upcoming projects in Chennai have been specifically designed keeping Vastu directions and its impact on the home in mind. Find contemporarily designed luxurious 3 and 2 BHK flats in Bangalore in Bannerghatta, Devanahalli and Hebbal neighborhoods, and configurations of 3 and 2 BHK apartments in Chennai in the OMR and Thaiyur neighborhood.

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