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An Easy Guide To Decluttering And Reorganizing Your Home

Cluttered, unorganized homes can sometimes give you a serious headache and take away the overall excitement of living a stress-free life. If the idea of decluttering and reorganizing makes you anxious and overwhelmed, we have an easy fix for that – the trick is to approach it in stages. Instead of allowing the clutter to pile up and make the house appear downsized, here are a few expert tips to help you declutter –

One step at a time
The problem starts when we start looking at the whole process as a big chore, which we simply don’t end up finding the time for. An easy way out of this is by dividing it into smaller and more achievable tasks. Focus on one section of your house at a time. Take a carton and place it in one corner of the house and forget about it. As and when you start reorganizing each room/closet/shelf, you’ll find innumerable redundant things, which you can now toss into that carton one-by-one, and eventually get rid of that carton entirely. Smaller steps will help you reach your goals faster.

Devise a sorting system
Make use of the classic three-box system – Keep, Toss, Store. Start with one drawer or one shelf at a time, and approach every single item individually. Resort to taking quick decisions for which item belongs in which box. For instance, take a set of plates and ask yourself if you want to keep them to use everyday, store it for when the guests come over or toss it out because you’ve outgrown them. Always remember, the key to a clutter-free life is when you buy a new thing only after you get rid of an old item first.

Expand and maximize storage space
Take a good look around your apartment? Do you feel like you can still use up some space without making it look crammed? A great way to make your house look more spacious and roomy is by making use of the available space effectively – expand your cabinet storage, use wall space efficiently or make use of space under the sink and bed. Another easy trick is to keep your everyday essentials within reach, so that you can store the lesser used products at the back.

Declutter with a clear head
Remember, a clear mind will always reap faster results. Once you begin sorting, ask yourself important questions like do you really need another pair of something? Will a particular item be useful in the next few years? Dabble the age-old question of need vs want. If you can donate something, do it. If it can be recycled and transformed, like an old piece of furniture, then that would be ideal while decluttering.

The process of decluttering and reorganizing your home is not a one-time job, you need to constantly stay at it for a worry-free mind and home. For those of you on the lookout for a spacious house, the luxury flats in OMR Chennai by House of Hiranandani, feature comfortable interiors that allow the house to appear roomier and well ventilated. The smart design offers a great deal of saving space, which can come very handy when you reorganize your house. The apartments in OMR are an architectural bliss of modern necessities and facilities that have been intelligently designed, to ensure you live a spacious and well-organized life with your loved ones.

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