Bathroom Hacks That Work Wonders

Bathroom Hacks That Work Wonders

The bathrooms of luxury homes, as befitting the status of their owners, come with contemporary styling, high-end fittings and superior design sense. However, in India, space is always at a premium and therefore, all homeowners look to optimise this space as much as possible. We believe that no matter how well planned the design is, there’s always more that one can do to open up just a little more space. We present to you bathroom hacks for 2017 that will allow you to extract the maximum ‘room’ out of your space.

1) The Magazine Holder-Hair Dryer Stand:

If you have an unused magazine holder – you know, the one that your magazines usually sit bent in – put it to use as a hair dryer stand. You can simply screw the holder to the inside of bathroom cabinets for storage. Alternatively, you could attach the holder more conspicuously, by screwing it to the wall or a side cabinet. Of course, it makes sense to install it close to the mirror in your bathroom.

The Magazine Holder-Hair Dryer Stand

2) Reflect Luxury and Create (The Illusion Of) Space:

A large mirror (preferably wall-to-wall) is a tried and tested method of increasing the feeling of roominess in your bathroom. In addition to serving its primary purpose of showcasing your reflection, it also makes the bathroom look bigger and diverts your mind away from its compactness. It’s even more essential in the bathroom of a luxury home, taking it from sizable to grand.

Washbasin in modern bathroom

3) A Magnetic Strip to Organize Your Accessories:

A magnetic strip can help you store all your grooming accessories such as tweezers, bobby pins and other small metal objects. It looks great as a display, making it easy to locate and access those little implements. It’s perfect for those early mornings when you’re barely awake and need to get in and out as quickly as possible.

Hair Accessories

4) Wine Rack Holder for Hand Towels/Hairstyling products:

If you want more organization, we recommend you use a wine rack holder to keep your towels, shampoo bottles and other hair care products. The advantage of this hack is that you could keep it anywhere in the bathroom. It could be placed in storage drawers/cabinets, on a shelf rack or on the wash basin shelf, anywhere you want it to be.

Wine Rack Holder

5) Mount an old drawer to store your toiletries:

An old drawer would never go to waste. If you have one, then you could simply mount it to the wall and make it your display storage. You could hang it to any open wall space. Things you could add are perfumes, shower gels, deodorants etc anything you wish to keep in neat order.

Old drawer

We’re certain these hacks can help make your luxury bathroom even better and will definitely serve your custom needs. House of Hiranandani recommends you convert these fixed spaces into great functional rooms. We have a great offering for those who are seeking luxurious flats in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. At the end of the day, no matter how luxurious your abode, convenience and efficient use of space is always a priority.

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