Beneficial Vastu Shastra Tips for Your Home

Beneficial Vastu Shastra Tips for Your Home

Building a house for the comfort and well-being of the family is one of the biggest dreams of every man. All one wishes before acquiring a house, is that the home brings happiness, prosperity, and good health to one’s family. Along with beneficial gains, Vastu Shastra also provides an individual spiritual enlightenment and exudes positive energy. One can follow these Vastu Shastra tips for your home to benefit from the various advantages of this ancient science.

Living Room Vastu

Living Room Vastu Shastra

This room is one of the most influential areas of your home. The living room creates the first impression on your guests. A drawing room usually has seating furniture, electrical gadgets, show pieces, paintings or even a fireplace. Have you ever wondered whether these objects were placed in the right direction? Will moving their arrangement exude negative or positive energy around you? To keep your home blessed, and living room surroundings positive, one can follow the below mentioned Vastu Shastra tips for your home.

– According to Vastu Shastra, all the heavy weighing furniture or decorative items in your living room must be placed in the south or west direction.
– Place all electrical gadgets like television, entertainment system, fireplace and many others in the south-east direction.
– If you are an individual who relishes having paintings of waterfalls and landscapes in your living room, then you can place these in the north-east corner.
– People who love hunting and like to display their relics and other artefacts can dedicate a north-west corner in the living room for this passion.
– Avoid buying oval, circular or triangular shaped furniture for your living room. According to the Vastu Shastra tips for your home, rectangular or square shaped furniture is best for your living room.
– The living room walls must be colored in white, yellow, green or blue colors as these colors help to spread positive vibrations.
– If you have a fish aquarium, placing it in the south-east corner will draw positive energy.

Kitchen Vastu

Kitchen Vastu Shastra

No home is complete without a functional kitchen. It is a primary part of your house where all types of energies emerge. There are various points that must be analyzed before the consultation of Vastu Shastra tips for the kitchen in your home. Some of these points include the position of the kitchen, direction of the entrance, color scheme, the direction of electrical gadgets and much more. These pointers help one to understand how to manage arrangement in the kitchen.

– It is said that the element of fire rules the south-east direction. Thus, placing the cooking gas in the south-eastern direction is preferred.
– The gas cylinder also needs to be kept in the south-east corner.
– All electrical gadgets like microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher must be placed in the south-west direction.
– The water sink is ideally placed in the north-east direction, keeping it away from the cooking gas.
– The south and west walls must be used to create storage cabinets for your eatables. Avoid north and east walls to construct overhead storage cabinets.
– If you are thinking of installing an exhaust fan in the kitchen, then place it in the north-west or southern corner.
– One must place the mops and brooms outside the kitchen to minimize negative energy.
– Storing medications of any kind in the kitchen are not advisable. This practice is known to affect the health of the family members.

Bedroom Vastu

Bedroom Vastu Shastra

The orientation and direction of your bed is given primary preference while consulting Vastu for your bedroom. Did you know that while sleeping, the direction of your head also plays a significant role in Vastu Shastra?

– On the basis of the Vastu Shastra science, one must have their head facing the south, west or east directions while sleeping.
– The back of the bed must be placed on the south or west walls.
– Placing a mirror on the opposite or adjacent wall of the bed is considered inauspicious. This placement can hamper the health of the couple or individual.
– Vastu Shastra recommends placing a bed of regular shape in the bedroom.
– Many Vastu consultants also mention that the mattresses on a double bed must not be divided.
– While painting your bedroom, one must select shades of earthy colors like brown.

Temple Room Vastu

The temple room must be designed with utmost care as it is the room that helps us revitalize. This room offers positive vibes as we meditate during the day. It rejuvenates our body, soul and mind, helping in prosperity, happiness and inner peace.

– While you say your prayers, you should face the east or north direction.
– According to Vastu Shastra, there should be no idols more than 9 inches in the temple room.
– Light agarbatti (incense sticks) every morning and evening to spread positive energy and create a pure surrounding at home.
– You can place a lemon in water to absorb all the negative energy in your home. It is a must to change the lemon and water every Saturday.
– One can place bowls of salt in corners of your home to get rid of negative vibes.

There are many other Vastu Shastra tips for your home you can pursue to eliminate negativity. Not every rule of Vastu Shastra can be followed while constructing or selecting a home. However, one can follow the Vastu Shastra tips for your home to maintain a beneficial balance. One can start following the science of Vastu at any time in life. Vastu Shastra offers you physical, material, emotional as well as spiritual benefits. It offers an individual peace of mind and great health. Make your house Vastu-friendly by filling it with positive vibes with these useful and simple tips. House of Hiranandnai builds vastu-friendly flats & apartments like Hiranandnai Delanna.

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