Eco Friendly Incotives by House Hiranandani

Celebrate An Eco Friendly & Joyous Diwali With Hiranandani

The festival of lights, good fortune, and eternal blessings of peace & prosperity, is one of the most lively & joyous festivals in India. Whether you’re prepping for the festival of Diwali or are engaging in celebration activities, there’s no denying how this time of the year is truly blissful for people across the nation! However, in our cheerful times, we often forget that there is a responsibility we must uphold as citizens of not only this beautiful country but the world – the responsibility of maintaining a sustainable lifestyle that allows nature & our planet Earth to thrive! That’s exactly why an eco-friendly Diwali is the way to a bright future! 

Are you wondering how you can contribute & take a step forward in the right direction?
Here are some incredibly effortless yet effective eco-friendly Diwali ideas to ensure your festivities are as blissful for our beautiful Mother Earth, as they are for you!

1.Flower Rangoli Elevates The Festive Space Elegantly

As households across India prepare for the Diwali festivities, we at Hiranandani urge you to switch from the toxic bright rangoli colours, which are loaded with harmful chemicals such as mercury, lead, and bromides, to just as beautiful elements used for making rangoli – flowers!

Deck your hallways with flower rangolis that are not only eco friendly & safe for the environment but also elegantly beautify your home!    

2.Ditch The Plastic & Light Up With Traditional Clay Diyas & Decor

While Diwali shopping this year, make the decision to ditch all plastic products, especially plastic diyas that are not good for the environment. Let’s light up for Diwali the right way! Choose traditional clay diyas that add an ethnic charm to your home while remaining an environmentally conscious choice!

3.Why Not Explore Recycled Paper Gift Wrapping?

The most exciting part of Diwali is visiting your close & extended family members, friends, and loved ones. And with it, gifting them not only their favourite sweets & articles but also loads of happiness! Only from now onwards, choose to wrap your gifts in recycled gift wrapping that is just as decorative & stunning as one-time-use wrapping paper, only more eco friendly!

4.Making Lanterns Of Newspapers Is A Fun-Filled Family Activity

Hanging up kandils or lanterns at your doorstep, within your home, or at your window is a great way to invite luminosity into your home & life. Let’s give it an interesting twist! Instead of buying plastic lanterns or new paper kandils that have an adverse effect on the environment, initiate a family bonding session with all the members to spend quality time making lanterns out of newspapers! 

It’s never too late to take a step in the right direction, especially when it is to preserve our home.

Rhyme for Earth by House of Hiranandani

As a responsible real estate brand, we at House of Hiranandani choose to respect our planet by taking an eco-friendly approach to Diwali celebration by suggesting & implementing these 4 incredible & effortless ideas for crackers free festivities!

This Diwali, let’s Shine for Earth, let’s #RhymeForEarth, and take an eco friendly approach to our festive celebration, which can be just as joyous while going gentle on Earth!

Want to join our green movement of #RhymeForEarth to spread awareness about Air, Water, Land & Noise pollution?
Scan the QR code to join our green initiative & propagate the need for making eco-friendly choices & a sustainable lifestyle!

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