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Find Out What Is Missing From Your Home Décor

Look around your home, what does it say about you? The way you choose to decorate that family portrait, the color of the walls, the display of your record collection – all of this and more, is a reflection and extension of your personality. What your house often might be lacking is some texture. It is that secret detail in your decor that makes a room look alive, inviting and cozy.

Every space needs something to catch your attention – it could be a heavily patterned rug, a colorful wall, or a shiny chandelier. Even after you combine all of these elements together in a room, without texture it would be lacking the desire to touch or feel it. Simply put, texture creates visual interest and brings a sense of completeness to a home. Here are five unique ways to transform your living space by adding some texture to it –

1. Add layers using textiles, materials, colors

Add layers using textiles, materials, colors

The key is to mix opposing elements in a way that it appears naturally blended. For instance, a fur pillow on a linen sofa, or a brass lamp on an Oakwood side table. Think drapes, pillows, rugs, curtains, vintage pieces, wall art, and lamps. Use various kinds of textiles, metals, colors and prints to add some texture to a room.

2. Mix materials and patterns

Mix materials and patterns

Bring some extra dimension to your decor by mixing your elements. The key lies in minimalism. Dousing every surface with a mixed print or material can make it appear cluttered, confused and tacky. Start small – a patterned cushion among solid colors, layered rugs in different materials or a pattern-on-pattern impact.

3. Say yes to unique architectural pieces

Say yes to unique architectural pieces

Part of this is based on what calls out to you. Statement pieces, light fixtures, unique artifacts, innovative centerpieces are great ways of adding texture to a room. When you enter, your eyes are instantly drawn towards it, which in turn creates visual impact.

4. Textured walls

Textured walls

Another great way to add an element of visual interest is by creating some sort of texture on your walls. Choose one or two walls to add texture to, as opposed to all the walls of the room, which could look loud and cluttered. Texture on walls is a subtle way of adding a moment of newness to the overall feel.

5. Decorate with books and plants

Decorate with books and plants

If you really wish to maximize the impact of your texture, look beyond standard home decor ideas. Books and houseplants, for example, are great texturizers for an otherwise boring all-white aesthetic. It is also the best way to show off your personality and interests along with bringing in good vibes.

Bannerghatta Road

Since adding texture brings a little hygge to the overall impact of the house, it is always a great idea to invest in pieces that add personality and liveliness to your home. A spacious house with ample room for being creative is the perfect setting for your decor ideas. Find luxuriously designed beautiful apartments in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore that offer a taste of elegance to its residents. With world class amenities and facilities, the House of Hiranandani developers offer their best of the best flats for sale in Bannerghatta Road that are not only design ready, but also act as the best backdrop for your unique decor ideas.

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