Five reasons you should purchase a Ready-to-move-in (RTMI) house

When someone thinks of buying a house in India, they’re often confused between two major choices, an under-construction house or a Ready-to-move-in (RTMI) house. An under-construction house might seem better to those who want to cut down on investment costs. However, considering how everyone today is so busy dealing with everyday aspects of their lives, and inclined towards getting things without being inconvenienced, Ready-to-move-in units have a lot more to offer.

As per a 2019 research study, around 84% of homebuyers in India have already shown interest in ready-to-move-in houses. It has a great deal of demand these days among millennials as well as other homebuyers for various reasons. So, as one of the property developers in India, let us elaborate few benefits of buying an RTMI home below, to give you a clear idea of how it can be the hassle-free choice for you:

It gives immense transparency on features and amenities

When you buy an RTMI house, you know you’re buying exactly what you saw in the brochure. You have immense transparency when it comes to the features and amenities of the house, for e.g. swimming pool, quality of construction material, parking space, greenery, elevators, and play areas. So, you can easily verify if all the amenities given in the brochure are available or not. In addition, even features like its size and location can be validated.

It’s available for instant occupancy

An RTMI property is available for instant occupancy, since it already follows the guidelines related to infrastructure given by the city council. So, it not only gives you the benefit of convenience but also zero obstacles.

It’s devoid of any GST charges

Unlike under-construction housing units, RTMI houses are devoid of any GST charges, which is in favour of homebuyers, relieving some financial stress. In addition, they also feature effective risk mitigation plans.

It has a better social and physical infrastructure

RTMI houses are surrounded by better or fully developed physical and social infrastructure, such as water supply, electricity supply, plumbing systems, schools, hospitals, malls, roads, fire-fighting systems, and sanitation facilities.

It involves a more convenient loan process

As compared to under-construction units, RTMI houses involve less hectic documentation if the builder already has a renowned position in the real estate market and is registered with the bank. In addition, they offer a more convenient loan process, as all you have to do is simply pay your monthly EMIs as soon as you start living in the house, without any extra payments.

So, as one of the top real estate development companies in India, we recommend you purchase a Ready-to-move-in (RTMI) home, if you are too busy to mentally afford the tiring process of finishing the undone or remaining aspects of an under-construction housing unit, and would rather want a house that you can instantly shift into, without facing any inconvenience.







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