Four Ideas to Revamp Your Home This Diwali

Four Ideas to Revamp Your Home This Diwali

One of the most traditional festivals is right around the corner and the occasion calls for a festive touch to your modern homes. But how can you change the ambience of your plush, modern home to inculcate a festive look without losing out on your preexisting contemporary interiors? Here are some suggestions to add a touch of Diwali to your chic interiors:

  1. Scintillating lighting: It doesn’t feel like Diwali until your home is lit up in a grand manner to showcase festive feels. Elegant golden lights are a great approach to light up your home. They can be worked into your ceiling, or even your walls. The transformation of your home will be long lasting, as golden lights will keep adding to the natural charm of your home even long after the festive season is over.

Scintillating lighting

  1. Play with ethnic upholstery: Using ethnic upholstery in your home decor is a great way to add a touch of Diwali to your home. Something as simple as a bunch of glamorous cushion covers could do the trick. There are various options to choose from. A velvet cushion with a golden, silver, or copper motif can bring some metallic splendor to your sofas. A silk cushion cover with intricate mirror work looks classy and trendy at the same time. For your curtains, you can choose a dazzling tie back, something worked in iron or brass to keep with the festive spirit.

Play with ethnic upholstery

  1. Contemporary and traditional art: Your walls are a reflection of your living space. Move away from the go-to traditional tapestry and instead experiment with art. Invest in a few paintings that add a degree of festive oomph to your walls, and blend with the existing elements of your home. Such a combination can create an elite look that will change the aura of your home.

Contemporary and traditional art

  1. Hanging Lamps: Diyas and candles are the obvious lighting choice for Diwali but you can take a more exclusive approach to light up your home. Hanging lamps are an effortless option to add a wow factor to your home this festive season. Ornate lanterns in different shapes and sizes can be worked into the interiors of your home. You can even choose glass bottle lamps for a more rustic and colorful look.

Hanging Lamps

The trick is to weave traditional elements into the interiors of your home without drastically altering its contemporary ambiance. Don’t hold back when it comes to revamping your home this festive season. House of Hiranandani wishes you a very Happy Diwali.

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