Here’s how solid waste management affects homebuyers

Solid waste, is that even something we remotely worry about when we’re out hunting for a new house? Probably not. Solid waste management is an important need of the hour for residential complexes, which is no longer only about where but also how safely we dispose of our waste.

The most commonly produced waste in residential complexes is solid waste, as opposed to liquid and gaseous waste, which is common to factories and industrial grounds. Solid waste mostly comprises of food waste, furniture, scraps, toys, appliances, and other such materials. It is the most common kind of waste we produce in a household, but most of us still don’t know how it is treated or why it is important at all.

First things first, let’s start with understanding how solid waste is segregated. Have you seen those recycle bins placed in most nooks and corners these days? Thanks to the increasing awareness of solid waste management, waste is now being segregated into organic, toxic and recyclable waste.
Organic – Leftover food, fruits and vegetable peels, eggshells, flowers, leaves, etc.
Toxic – thermometers, switches, lights, mobile phones and other electronic waste.
Recyclable – Paper, magazines, glass bottles, milk cartons, tin and aluminum cans.

If waste is not disposed of properly or left unattended, it produces harmful gasses, which adversely affects our health and way of life. Making a compost pit and biogas plant in your residential apartments have now become extremely essential, and is one of the many ways to improve the overall quality of life in your household.

When you’re out in search of a new house, make sure you keep this life-altering detail in mind too. Look for residences that have provisions of disposing of waste in more environmentally friendly ways. Looking for properties with appropriate solid waste management should be among every homebuyer’s priorities.

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