House of Hiranandani takes a futuristic leap with sustainable & green practices

The desire to create sustainable communities that are in harmony with nature, encouraged the House of Hiranandani to set up a sustainable green practises to be followed in development of its residential projects. These practises

What started as a small initiative has now grown into a hub of sustainable practices, much like the House of Hiranandani tree of green practices, which was once a simple sapling of an idea. The Hiranandani Group’s Green Hub initiatives strike a unique balance between the inevitable need for urbanization and responsibility towards a more sustainable future.

With radical solutions such as afforestation and horticulture practices, a handpicked species of plants have been integrated in landscaped gardens for a peaceful welcome of rare birds and their habitations. In addition to that, all residential properties and homes have been designed with large open spaces that allow the growth of a healthy mind.

Here’s a quick rundown of the several horticulture practices surrounding the House of Hiranandani projects, which also aim to improve biodiversity.

Expanding Lush Greenery
As of today, over 500 thousand trees have been planted successfully and at least 10,000 trees are continuing to be planted each year. 40 percent of the land is being used for the purpose of expanding lush greenery and open spaces, contributing to reduced air pollution.

Attraction of Rare Plant Species
In-house team of Horticulture experts who have been dedicatedly working since 25 years, helped cultivate 500 varieties of plants, trees, bamboos and shrubs, including over fifty varieties of palms, many of which are rare.

15,000 plants get propagated every month, including those that provide high aesthetic value and maintain ecological balance. Few plants are introduced to tackle environmental challenges such as saline tolerant grass – Paspalum, which is present in a football ground and the lawn.

Benefits & Maintenance of Tree Planting
Not harming the existing greens has been the prime aspect in planning the township layout. Growing local plants that can sustain best in specific environmental conditions are picked and chosen, which is how the Chennai cyclones in 2018 were sustained.

Many plants and trees are being chosen for their specific lifestyle benefits, such as Ficus Pumila on concrete walls help in reducing noise pollution and controls air and noise pollution, while screening plants Heliconia and Cannas are being used to control odour.

Importance of Miyawaki Forests
With an aim to improve biodiversity, the concept of Miyawaki has been adopted where 1 tree is planted per 1 sq.m, ensuring a dense forest becomes 30 times denser than if it was planted the usual way.

House of Hiranandani builders have always focused on promoting a holistic way of living to facilitate better quality of life, one that is in sync with nature, at the same time employing a sustainable approach towards design and execution of all properties.

Take a look at the ground-breaking construction practices by House by Hiranandani Group that has transformed everyday living.

  • 1. The property design maximizes natural ventilation with the help of big and tall windows in living rooms and bedrooms. The use of glass reduces up to 40% electricity consumption and load on air conditioning.
  • 2. A unique and more efficient single bag concrete mixer is used in place of a ready-mix concrete plant, which makes the quality of construction much better.
  • 3. Usage of anti-fungal, special texture paint called Renova to maintain the look of the building for several years, even after rains as it prevents water-seepage.
  • 4. Advanced grade of steel is used for reinforcement and strong elasticity, making the structure earthquake resistant and withstand sudden load.
  • 5. Facilities such as security and environment-friendly measures are adopted to enhance the design aesthetic and value of each property.
  • 6. Looking at the bigger picture, House by Hiranandani builders have designed the orientation of the buildings by employing space between towers to facilitate cross ventilation, which is the most important for hygienic living and energy balance.

The consistent practice of horticulture and sustainable initiatives circling the House of Hiranandani projects have successfully created a wave of innovation. Enjoy an all-encompassing life that strikes a balance between urban development and a green ecosystem, only at the House of Hiranandani luxury residences.

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