House of Hiranandani: The Launch of Our First Fully Tech- Integrated Virtual Sales Office

“Modern problems require modern solutions” – this is an adage that has been doing the rounds of the internet for quite a while. Unprecedented times have become a reality for the whole world, today, and many of us have learned that we must work around the inconveniences of the post-COVID world.

Life has changed, for better or worse. Most of us now work from home for the majority of the time, and many have set up businesses that they can run from the comfort of their own homes, as well. Online shopping is now the norm, and it is no more surprising for all of us to keep in touch with our loved ones from around the world over, through our phones.

It is quite natural, therefore, that the property industry has adapted to these major changes, well. Pioneers like the House of Hiranandani have taken it several steps further though. We have set up a completely virtual, tech-integrated virtual sales office, the likes of which have never been seen before.

1Virtual Offices Replicate The Experience of the Physical Offices

The physical sales offices of House of Hiranandani are an experience in themselves. Grand, opulent and efficient, our sales offices are experiences in themselves. That is why our fully integrated virtual sales office seeks to recreate the experience of our physical sales offices.

2Cutting-Edge Technology for An Amazing (Virtual) House Hunting Experience

The House of Hiranandani has used technology that is cutting edge, and seeks to conduct sales using this virtual office. It’s a true example of experiential marketing. The virtual sales office has an interface that allows the customer to go through a lot of relevant collaterals, such as brochures, 360 degree walkthroughs and views of the apartments, and site videos.

3.  Realistic User Experience

The user interface is quite realistic, and you can actually meet sales representatives, who can offer you a human opinion on the property at hand. This virtual sales office is available for properties in Bangalore and Chennai, and it is soon to come to other cities as well.

The virtual sales office seeks to give the customer a luxury experience, while they are in the comfort of their homes, and seeks to engage them virtually, with the various House of Hiranandani projects that may or may not be physically accessible. After all, why must one’s plans to live better be stalled, at all?

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