How Can A 1 BHK Apartment Be A Good Investment Option In Torino?

The new age homebuyer is one who thinks long-term. While many people are emotional about owning a home and aspire to buy one to live in and grow old in, there are others who tend to look at property strictly as an investment.

The investor primarily purchases a property to earn returns in the form of rent or by selling it in future. It also may be used as a collateral while opting for a loan. Returns on property are perennially on a growing trend with improvement in infrastructure and growth of the location.  As long as you are a prudent investor, who weighed all the pros and cons, studied their prospective investment well, and made sure that you know the ins and outs of a property, you have a great chance of earning good returns from property. When looking for a quality project to invest in, we suggest relying on reputed premium developers, such as the House of Hiranandani. They are popular for offering holistic residences at prime locations in Bangalore and Chennai.

The city of Bangalore is exceptionally conducive to making property investments. Christened as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is all set to keep expanding for the next few decades, and the far off suburbs of Bangalore continue to grow at an astonishing rate.

The House of Hiranandani has a project at Bannerghatta, a suburb of Bangalore that connects the city to the Bannerghatta National Park. Along the main road, Torino is a fantastic property at Hiranandani Bannerghatta, centred around a lovely and tranquil lake, which has beautiful 1 BHK apartments that are spacious and have access to modern lifestyle amenities. If you have been looking for an investment property, Torino’s the way to go. Let us tell you why.

Modern Amenities

House of Hiranandani has ensured that the property has luxurious amenities that will make sure your stay at Torino is an experience that allows you to juggle work, leisure and play in a perfect balance. The presence of amenities like a clubhouse, gym and great open spaces makes Torino’s 1 BHK apartments a great option to invest in.

Proximity to Bangalore’s Central Business District

Living close to the city is an all-important part of life. Especially if you have a child, or a job at one of the many amazing companies in Bangalore, it is important to ensure that your home allows you to commute with ease.
As Bannerghatta is a mere 12 KM from Bangalore’s Central Business District, accessibility is one of the important USPs of the project.

Trusted And Reputed Builder

House of Hiranandani is a company that is trusted by people all over the country. Being that Hiranandani Bannerghatta is a project by such a reputed builder, investing in such a property ensures that it is maintained well, has a stable price, sees a considerable rise in price, and is also a great proposition for a prospective buyer.
This is all a big marker of what makes a property a good investment.

Easy To Sell And Rent Out

Buying a 1 BHK in Torino is a sure shot way to ensure that you get returns on your investment very soon. Renting out the home will be a breeze, since it is a luxurious property that offers a lifestyle that many people desire. Even when it comes to selling the investment, it is well known that a property with amenities is much easier to sell out.

The fact that the property is set around a beautiful and soothing lake is just the icing on top. If you’re looking for a luxury apartment in Bannerghatta, a place to call home in Bangalore, or just an investment you can always bet on, we strongly suggest considering House of Hiranandani’s Torino.

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